Celestun and thousands of Flamingos

Celestun 22

After leaving Merida we rode west to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico at Celustun.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 7.56.12 PM

It is famous for Octopus hunting and the almost 30,000 pink flamingos that flock here. We saw a few birds from the bridge, but hired a boat for an hour tour of the estuary. This got us up close to the flamingos as well as herons, and huge Canadian pelicans.

Celestun 41

Celestun 36

Celestun 34

Celestun 32

Celestun 31

Celestun 23

Celestun 22

Celestun 19

Celestun 18

Celestun 17

Celestun 15

Celestun 12

Celestun 11

Celestun 8

Celestun 7


Celestun 6

We also toured thru the mangrove forest. The town itself has a chain of restaurants along the white sand beach where we had amazing prawns and ceviche.

Celestun 44

Celestun 46

Celestun 77

Celestun 79

MMM the lunch

Celestun 82

Celestun the beach

Celestun the beach

Celestun 91

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