Canyon del Pato and Back South

Well today is the big day we spent 4 days to get to. The famous Canyon del Pato. It is a short drive up the 3 N on the pavement until you hit the canyon.

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canyon del pato 20

canyon del pato 68

Dan’s 800 hit a big one today!

canyon del pato 69

We were sadly under whelmed. There is about a 25 km section with cool narrow tunnels, but not much else. It is not even in our top 100 rides let alone top ride as others have claimed. It is lucky however that the 4 days to get here were epic. The canyon section is now paved, but covered in gravel for added danger.

canyon del pato 22

canyon del pato 25

canyon del pato 31

canyon del pato 44
canyon del pato 43

canyon del pato 73

canyon del pato 47

canyon del pato 71

canyon del pato 75

canyon del pato 76

canyon del pato 78

canyon del pato 81

canyon del pato 83

canyon del pato 61

The rest of the 150 km is good dirt except the last 50 km, which is washboard and potholes. We were happy to make it off to the pavement at that rate.

canyon del pato 54

canyon del pato 79

canyon del pato 84

canyon del pato 59

canyon del pato 62

Now we headed the 50 km to the Pan Americana and then south to Huacho. Last December we had stayed here and knew we could cross Lima and make it to Nazca in 600 km in one long day. We had forgotten the coast view = sand all day.

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canyon del pato 67

Getting on the road at 6 am it was just light and so we made it to Lima and through to the other side at 150 km in 3 hours in very heavy traffic. In fact on 3 occasions the entire freeway was stopped for up 10 min. Last time we were in Nazca we had an even longer day and arrived at dark, while today we arrived at 4 pm.



We planned for another mega day today of 588 km on the Pan Americana. It is at least scenic south of Nazca and curves along the seaside.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 1.53.26 PM

There was an amazing amount of truck traffic. The last 50 km into Arequipa took over an hour and then the entry to the city from the south is totally blocked so you have to detour 10 km to the north entry to access the historic center. We were so mentally and physically burnt by the time we arrived we could not remember the name of our hotel. Luckily the traffic police let us park here and we used a nearby hotel’s wifi.


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  1. William Hardwick says:

    I’m following you travels and enjoy your exploits. Your photos are absolutely fantastic. I did 10 weeks in Europe, but it pales in comparison to what you are experiencing. Keep it up and be safe.
    William Hardwick
    White Rock BC, Canada

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