Belize 52 heron

We hemmed and hawed about whether the hassles to get there were worth the trip. In the end Daniel won out since he has never been to the Caribbean before.

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Belize plate

We chose to make for Ambergris Caye and Tio Pil’s on the beach. Getting there is a bit like trains, planes, and automobiles. Finally after a 90 min ferry crossing we arrived if a bit late.


This is a very laid back place. People walk around without shoes and drive golf carts in town. A fabulous spot for enjoying rum punch and a lot of hammock time.

Belize 4 Sara Boat

Belize 8

Belize 6 beer

Belize 17

Belize 14

Belize 15

Belize 21

Belize 19 conch

Belize 26

The big event of the island week is the “Chicken drop” on Thursday nights. You buy a numbered square on the board of 100 squares for 1 Bz= .50$US and you wait for the chicken to “drop”. Yup you stand around on the beach with a rum punch in hand and watch a chicken while praying that it poops on your square. Like I said “its laid back”.

Belize 23 chicken drop

Belize 33 chicken drop

Belize 27 D & E

We joined the locals and rented a golf cart for the afternoon to explore as far north and south as we could go. The road is paved for about 1 km in each direction then its off roading in a golf cart. Having rained heavily the day before there was some adventure. Golf cart + mud = good times.

golf cart parking

Belize 43 off road with a golf cart

Belize 47 iguana

The big highlight for us was a day sailing to the even more laid back island of Caye Caulker with stops to snorkel the reef and at shark ray alley.

Belize 18 dock

Belize 81

Belize 59

Belize 63

Belize 90

Belize 89


Check out our video Swimming with Sharks.


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2 Responses to Belize

  1. Janet says:

    hi there, Dan,
    We have a question – how do you manage to trace the route onto your maps?
    We have tried many things and the most successful(80%) is a google map, painted on to a word document, but it is difficult to trace curves, etc.
    Thanks, you guys are having so much fun and we are having as much fun watching all the pics, videos and blog, so thanks again.
    Sara, have a rum punch for me, j

  2. Doren says:

    Sounds like you’re fitting right in the Belizean pace! Have you seen people doing the Punta Dance in the night clubs yet? If not, it is something to see — only in Belize. If you manage to make it down to Placencia, my Aunt Carol has a resort down there called “Serenade.” She also has an island called “Serenade Island.” Look it up online. It’s a beautiful spot!

    Love you guys,


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