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puno 7Buying gas here in Bolivia can be stressful since we have had people tell us they have been denied gas. It is true that the price of gas is highly subsidized here and so the price for the locals is low. This means that foreigners pay 2.5 the pump price. The government YPFB stations all have the “official receipt” and will sell you gas. At the private stations they get all stressed out if they don’t have a receipt book. This may be why they “ wont sell you gas”. In the times we did not go to YPFB, we just said “no factura” and they sold us gas.

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The guy in the back on the phone had a 10 min conversation with someone about whether they could sell us gas…they did.

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Here they gave us a 2-page receipt.

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At this station it took 3 people to enter our info into the computer and then they took about 15 min to decide what price we should pay even though it was clearly posted on the pump.

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Must be my lucky day!!

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After touring the archeological site and museum it was after 11 when we left to head the 45 km to the border and onto Puno in 191 km.

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The road is pretty bad with potholes filled with rocks. The GPS lead us to what is actually the truck crossing, but luckily some locals directed us in the right direction. Basically take the first right on the dirt road into the town and when you hit the paving stones take a right and then a left.

puno 2

Go straight and you will see the migration building. Park on the right side of the road. The migration is to the left. Enter the second door to the right where the signs list various nationalities. They will stamp your passport for exit.

puno 4

Then drive up to the end of the building and again park on the right. Go around to the left at the front of the building to the small aduana window and hand in your Bolivian temporary permit.

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Now drive over the bridge and the guard will direct you to park to the right.

puno 6

puno 7

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Just ahead and to the right is immigration. Inside the doors pick up a tourist paper from the guy at the desk. Then line up for the official who wants the paper and your passport for entry stamp. Next cross the road to the aduana office. They want your Passport, Driver’s license, and title. They will ask you the value of your bike and have you sign the permit stating that you owe this value if you do not leave Peru with your bike. The SOAT or insurance required in Peru cannot be purchased here at this border, but in Puno in 145 km. We made it very quickly thru the border and headed to Puno and our first view of Lake Titicaca.

puno 11

Arriving in Puno it was a much nicer town than we had heard. Dan Gave a ride to the bellboy who was taking us to the garage 3 blocks away. We went for very good Chinese food because we were missing Ellen. There was a large parade of school children thru the streets to the Cathedral.

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