Argentine Islands

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Today we say a ton on whales and then we visited the Ukrainian Vernadsky Base. Where they do research on the hole in the Ozone layer. They have the southernmost souvenir shop in the world and a fully functional bar. They brew their own hooch for 3$ a shot.

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Humpback whales.

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These Penguins were floating around on this Burg.

GS4 am 43


The famous twin spires at the start of the Lamaire channel.

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Entering the bay where the burgs get trapped by the currents.

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The base at Vernadsky.

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The view from the hike from the Wordie house near the base.

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The Wordie House in the Argentine Islands is a 1947 research station on the site of the hut used by the 1935 British Expedition. There are 2 scientists living there now.

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The last event of the day was a Zodiak tour with Bismark. We finally saw a Weddell seal and a fur seal.

Bismark (our guide)

GS4 am 163

GS4 am 159

GS4 am 156

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