Arequipa & Colca Canyon

We planned for another mega day today of 588 km on the Pan Americana. It is at least scenic south of Nazca and curves along the seaside and then inland to Arequipa.

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There was an amazing amount of truck traffic. The last 50 km into Arequipa took over an hour and then the entry to the city from the south is totally blocked so you have to detour 10 km to the north entry to access the historic center. We were so mentally and physically burnt by the time we arrived we could not remember the name of our hotel. Luckily the traffic police let us park here and we used a nearby hotel’s wifi.




This town has a very nice historic center but does not hold a candle to Cusco. We were beat so we just relaxed and did a bit of walking around the Plaza de Armas. There is a nice bridge near by built by Eiffel.






We went to a great restaurant called ZigZag for a “fancy night out”. You had to wear a bib to protect your clothes from the sizzling meat.






Picking up the bikes at the Cochera we met a large group of riders from Sweden. We are actually FB friends with one of them Thomas and he has been following our blog. They all know our good friend Orvar (king of Sweden).

colca canyon 1

We decided at the last minute to forgo the apparently very bad road in the back way to Chivay and opted for the paved 180 km.

colca canyon 2

This is a stunning ride over a pass to almost 4900 m. There are tons of stacks of rocks left by other travellers.

colca canyon 8

colca canyon 5

colca canyon 9

colca canyon 6

colca canyon 7

colca canyon 10

colca canyon 12

colca canyon 13

colca canyon 14

colca canyon 15

The road down into the valley is switch backs on a sketchy paved road. We decided to stay in the next town at Yanque at 168 km.

colca canyon 18

colca canyon 21

colca canyon 20

colca canyon 22

colca canyon 23

colca canyon 77

There are a few km of pavement past the town and then it’s dirt for about 70 km to Cabanaconde.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.00.34 PM

colca canyon 26

colca canyon 25

It’s a good thing we did go on the paved route into chivay, because the “good” part of the road thru the Colca Canyon was a terrible 60 km of very rough road. So much we had the first real trauma since the Quito failed stator broken/dislocated toe incident. With a combination of the horrible road and Sara not tightening the lid to Dan’s tool tube, we lost Sara’s very good long john top that was padding our very nice thermos and of course the lid to the tube. Dan went back to look for it, but with 70 km of terrain and 1 hour till dark it was futile. That said the Canyon itself is beautiful, but I would not suggest you make a special trip here. There are so many other beautiful places in Peru that are easier to get to and you do not have to pay a 30$ per person park fee. This is great if you plan to spend a week here hiking, but not a day or two. Dan did some off roading down the hiking trails for a better view.

colca canyon 27

colca canyon 28

colca canyon 32

colca canyon 34

colca canyon 35

colca canyon 37

colca canyon 38

colca canyon 40

colca canyon 43

colca canyon 44

colca canyon 45

colca canyon 47

We stopped for lunch in Cabanaconde. There was this crazy building just outside of town.

colca canyon 46

colca canyon 50

colca canyon 51

colca canyon 52

colca canyon 54

colca canyon 55

On the return trip we decided to get off the horror road and went down into the canyon, up the other side and back on the small local road.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.00.53 PM

colca canyon 49

colca canyon 57

colca canyon 59

colca canyon 58

colca canyon 62

colca canyon 64

colca canyon 66

colca canyon 68

colca canyon 72

colca canyon 76

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