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Dan was so happy to buy our first Guatemalan gas for our weekend trip up to Antigua at Texaco. The views as we drove along the old highway of the lake and the volcanoes were amazing. The route was very twisty and mountainous and involved several river crossings where the road was washed away.

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Antigua is very picturesque, but a lot busier than when we was last here several years ago.
This is a colonial city where they are not allowed to put up signage, so part of the fun of walking around the city is that you have to poke your head in all the doorways to see what is inside.

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We stopped to ask a traffic officer where the Thai restaurant was. She radioed to her fellow officers who then pulled up and laughed at her because it is in the building behind us.

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Because of the numerous earthquakes in the region there are a number of runs of great churches including the Cathedral. Several were set up as venues for parties and weddings. One at the Santa Domingo has been incorporated into a 5 star hotel.

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This is also a city of secret courtyards. The beautiful doors we love to take photos of often have amazing garden oasis behind them. Even the windows with bars are attractive.

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We finally found chain lube safe for “O” rings after 2 months of looking. There are small markets set up all over the city that sell local crafts. For my birthday we skipped lunch and had cake instead.

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The city has the Volcanoes of Agua and Fuego looming over it.

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We met up with some other bikes at the motocafe for a few beers.

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Both Orvar and I celebrated our birthdays this weekend with an amazing dinner at Hectors. We also met up with the Famous Guaterider aka Julio.

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On our way back to the lake we stopped by to have lunch where we saw a bunch of other bikers. They were the BMW club from Chimaltenango.

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  1. Mia says:

    What a fabulous series of gate and window photos. I also love the roof tops, and of course the colourful carvings. Thanks for posting!

  2. james davies says:

    Hey Dan glad to see you havn;t lost your sweet tooth. Pics are great glad we can follow you guys around.

    James Andrea Isaac Adison

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