Adelie Penguins, a Polar plunge, and cape Horn

Today we had a special treat as we had been informed that a colony of Adelie Penguins was near by. They are not normally found this far north.

GS5 pm 1

GS5 pm 4

GS5 pm 7

GS5 pm 8

GS5 pm 10

GS5 pm 29

GS5 pm 22

GS5 pm 32

The Adelie have a black beak and a white ring around the eye and they are smaller than their Gentou and Chin strap cousins.

GS5 pm 16

GS5 pm 9

GS5 pm 11

GS5 pm 19

GS5 pm 30

GS5 pm 49

GS5 pm 55

GS5 pm 59

On our last day in the Peninsula region we headed into the volcanic crater of Deception Island. We finally had a day of bad weather. The expedition leader said finally a day of the “usual Antarctic weather”. It was so bad though we could not make the morning landing in Telefon Bay. Later we headed to Whalers Bay for a hike to Neptune’s window and then a Polar Plunge.

deception island 2


deception island 5

Headed thru the very narrow Neptune’s Bellows.

deception island 7

deception island 8

A snowy hike to the Neptune’s window.

deception island 17

deception island 14

deception island 16

deception island 18

deception island 29

deception island 28

deception island 26

deception island 27

Now for the plunge with some fur seals.

deception island 37

deception island 50

deception island 53

deception island 55

On the last night we had some fun, including a costume competition.


We had the “best Drake crossing in 25 years” and so with some spare time the captain took us to Cape Horn.




Cape Horn


We had Dolphins leading us back up the Beagle channel.



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  1. Janet says:

    hi, how cold was it- the temp and the SEA???

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