A Dream Come True….Antarctica and amazing weather

Staying in La Posta Hostel is a dream. It was recommended to us by lots of riders including Annaleen and Uli who we hosted in Vancouver on their way from Ushuia to Alaska.



We have a few days here before we leave for Antarctica to tour around.






antarctic 1 & 2 9

antarctic 1 & 2 8

It gave us time to try out all the places Wei suggested to eat. One of our favorites was Ramos Generales el Almacen, which is run by a French guy. The food and breads are amazing. We went there everyday! This is a submerino, which is hot liquor and hot milk that you drop the chocolate into.





That is why we met Blaine and Irene here 2 days in a row. We first met Blaine in Banos Ecuador in November.


We had to stop for photo ops at all the end of the world and Ushuaia signs.







antarctic 1 & 2 1

One day we took the bike up to the base of the ski hill and then out to the airport for some nice views of the city.

antarctic 1 & 2 6



Dan had lost his side stand extension on the ripio and so had a piece welded on.



The MS expedition was docked the night before we sailed.

antarctic 1 & 2 3

We met up with our friends from Edmonton who were going on the cruise with us. We all stocked up on wine.

antarctic 1 & 2 10

We finally boarded at 4 pm and had great views of the city.

antarctic 1 & 2 15

antarctic 1 & 2 17

antarctic 1 & 2 24

antarctic 1 & 2 23

antarctic 1 & 2 46

The first order of business was the safety drill including life jacket and muster station drills.

antarctic 1 & 2 32

antarctic 1 & 2 35

antarctic 1 & 2 41

I’m not sure I’d want to spend much time in the lifeboats.

antarctic 1 & 2 28

antarctic 1 & 2 27

antarctic 1 & 2 39

antarctic 1 & 2 40

We had booked a “steerage class” cabin, but were pleasantly surprised to find it was very nice.

antarctic 1 & 2 59

We ate all our meals here with our favorite waiter Louis.

antarctic 1 & 2 54


Garnet took very good care of us and always had our wine glasses set out.

antarctic 1 & 2 61

The sickness bags every 5 feet were a bit worrisome.

antarctic 1 & 2 56

We had a tour of the mudroom where we would gear up every day.

antarctic 1 & 2 58

The captain invited us for a tour of the bridge.

antarctic 1 & 2 62

antarctic 1 & 2 67

The route to Antarctica!





deception island 10

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  1. Janet says:

    hi there,
    i am so envious, so u must have double the fun, for me and for yourself!
    please take lots of photos to share so we can live vicariously via them, thanks, j

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