60 Countries, 180,000+ KMS, a few observations and reflections.



Here we are at country 60, about halfway home and it is a good time to reflect and share a few brief observations from our worldwide ride.

First and foremost to say that we are fortunate is a massive understatement. There are many days that we question if this journey is for real. To be able to roam freely about the planet on incredible machines with your best friend and spouse carving the corners right behind you is nothing short of extraordinary. Experiencing people and places in their raw form without the colors, smells, sites and sounds being edited is a privilege that at times we find hard to comprehend.

The people we meet are of course what counts the very most. The relationships that our journey has blessed us with are an element that has become so much more than we could have ever imagined. From complete strangers inviting us in to share a meal or to stay the night. To having amazing local riders contact us with places to meet up and then explore their favorite roads or to help service the bikes. Just crossing paths with another traveler in the middle of nowhere and then reconnecting with them a year or two later on another continent is surreal. We have not made friends we have made family. People are simply amazing and again the very best part of our journey. Want to have your faith in humanity renewed? Try having a broken down motorcycle in the middle of nowhere only to have a stranger fix it and refuse to take payment.

You maybe asking “what about all the bad people?” You know the bandito’s, corrupt police, boarder officials on the take and military checks points shaking you down? Sorry to disappoint those with dire pre-trip predictions, but so far no, nope and none. The funny thing about the world that we have discovered is that it is a good people place. Oh sure there is lots of evil in this world and you will hear about terrible people lurking around the next corner, but as of yet we haven’t stumbled upon them.

“Oh Canada our home and native land”……….. We have been to so many unforgettable places. The Pueblo Magico in Mexico, the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the Carretera Austral in Chile, Andalucía, Iceland, Antarctica, Galapagos, and the list goes on and on. One thing is certain though after 60 countries and the kilometers we have done there is still no place for us like our home country Canada.

What about the bad places you ask? Here there are no rose colored glasses for us. The world is not all fuzzy and wonderful as so many seem to post. Excuse the language, but there are some nasty shitty places out there and they are going to get a whole lot worse. Thankfully the amazing and stunning still vastly out number the awful. Experiencing the good and the bad though is in part what makes it an adventure.

As we embark on our seasonal riding break to plan, reflect, and catch-up. The very first thing on our to do list is pass along a bunch of “thank you’s”. Without the rider community our journey just wouldn’t be what it is. We are grateful to no end for the pure kindness that we have been shown. The list is very long so to start thank you all for being family, friends and support. Each of you in your own way has been a blessing and down right cool. We look forward to seeing you down the road, but until then remember, “less stuff means a lot more living”.

Health & Happiness,

Daniel & Sara Pedersen

Worldwide Ride.ca







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