Video episode 1 : Vancouver to Inuvik

This is the first instalment of our trip video series. Enjoy!

Episode 1 Vancouver to Inuvik

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7 Responses to Video episode 1 : Vancouver to Inuvik

  1. Karl says:

    Great video it captured the essence of the road. I rode the Dempster a few weeks after you did. I found it a challenging road but worthwhile. Happy travels.


  2. Barbara says:

    Wonderful photos and video! Loved talking to you on Sunday (or whatever day that was!) xoxo

  3. Les & Lois says:

    Amazing video! We have loved all your updates but the video is so nice because we can hear you chatting to us all! So glad that you are having such an amazing trip! Life here in Treetops is great and all is good! We have had lots of company and are looking forward to more next month. Enjoy the next leg of your journey and ride safely!
    Love Lo, Les & Scholzey

  4. Lennie & Adam says:

    Wow! Dan, that fish was like SO big, like omg, WOW!!! That was nearly as good as the fish Adam caught… down the back of Alfie’s Chair. And under the couch. And under the pillows. And in his shoes… xxx

  5. Marion says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome video Dan and Sara!!!!
    Remember well this mud on the way to the Arctic Circle
    Enjoy the trip

  6. Bryan says:

    Great video, I am up in Whitehorse with your wild man uncle Bruce. The same uncle Bruce that took you fishing has take me moose hunting. We bagged a big one the Hyland River using his new jet boat.
    Love the video, keep them coming!!!!

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