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After a good night’s rest we headed out at 830 am when it was already 29 degrees. Thank God for our gel neck bands they take off about 5 degrees and make an unbearable 40 into a not so bad 35, especially at speed.

to valledupur 1

The 300 km north took us 4 ½ hours with the slowing for truck passing and topes for the military check points on the secondary roads.

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We did see a few new design ideas for the next generation of Touratech Zega Pro Panier systems.

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to valledupur 3

After toll booth the next best place to pass long lines of trucks is at the speed bumps entering and exiting towns, except when there are crowded with vendors.

to valledupur 4

Dan is chilling with his highway pegs.

to valledupur 7

When we arrived in Valledupar it was 35 degrees and we were so glad to get out of the crowded streets and into a Hostal with air con!

to valledupur 11

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  1. Norbert Tietze says:

    I am folowing you guys .you are driving Norteast towards Maracaibo are you planning to drive into Venezuela ?
    This is of cource a verry hot place towards the carribean.buth nice beaches
    I am so far finnished with the van ,and departing 1 of Noovember for Palm Springs ! Then leaving for Mexico on the 10 Nov for Chiwawa, Guadalajara Puerto Vallarta Mexico Coty. this is the plan!!
    Yes we are far behind you guys ,and have not Shippet te van acros de Derring Gap I will ship the van fron Colon to Cartagena I also will send you my spot inf .on your email before we leave Vancouver
    Norbert and Greti

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