Ullapool & Lands end

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We fought the gusting winds back to the port at Stornaway on the Ilse of Lewis and were glad to hear the ferry was still running , since the sailing was on hold last evening due to predicted high winds.

There were a number of other bikers on tour here also.







The 2 ½ hour crossing was actually fairly calm.

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Once we got off the boat our hotel was right at the exit of the dock. We took a walking tour of the town of Ullapool. There are lots of riders here checked in and waiting for the ferry in the morning.



Well it is still raining on and off as we ride north and west to John o Groat at the lands end in the north west of Scotland.

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Gord this is for you!!

john o groat 1

We drove over the pass past Loch Assynt and the Assynt castle.

john o groat 2

john o groat 3

john o groat 4

john o groat 5

john o groat 21

john o groat 22

From here we backtracked over the single-track loop thru Stoer. This brings you back on the north side of the Loch and back over the pass.

john o groat 6

john o groat 7

john o groat 9

john o groat 24

john o groat 25

john o groat 26

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john o groat 29

We continued north to the coast and continued along the north road that is not along the coast due to the mountainous terrain. There are incredible white sand beaches all along the route when you are at the coast.

john o groat 31

john o groat 8

john o groat 10

john o groat 19

john o groat 20

Coming around the west side of Lock Eriboll we encountered 3 highland cows. They are a bit scary actually and unpredictable.

john o groat 11

john o groat 12

john o groat 13

john o groat 32

john o groat 14

john o groat 15

john o groat 16

Scotland’s worst poet William McGonagall
There was a “cew” upon the hill
It’s “no” there “new”
Perhaps it shifted.

On the east side we ran into a herd of sheep and a Shepherd.

john o groat 17

john o groat 35

We continued past Castletown to the lands end at John o Groats. Ewan and Charlie started of their long way down from this sign. The spot is named after the ferryman who charged a groat to cross on the boat to the Orkney Islands to the north.

john o groat 18

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4 Responses to Ullapool & Lands end

  1. Howard Millichap says:

    Seems you missed the most northerly point of the mainland UK at Dunnet Head. You’ll have to go back.

    • Daniel says:

      Yes that was a decision to do the “lands end” only mostly because it was late in the day, rainy, cold, and we were hungry. But now we have a reason to go back!!!SP

  2. David Brabyn says:

    Scotish cows are not as scary as travelling the Morroccan desert.

    • Daniel says:

      They are pretty scary up close!! Camels are too. I got tossed off mine. And you thought riding a motorcycle was dangerous. I hope you guys are well. Sara

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