The DEATH road Bolivia

death road 30

The big event for today is the famous DEATH road or Yungas road of Bolivia. This is a 69 km road to Coroico from the RN 3 about 56 km from La Paz. Leaving La Paz the RN 3 ascends to 4650 m (15,260 ft) at la Cumbre Pass and then descends to 1200 m (3,900 ft) at Coroico.

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death road 3

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The road is largely 1 lane (3.2 m or 10 ft wide) with few guardrails and cliffs up t 600 m or 2000 ft. The downhill driver must stay to the left to get a better view. There is little uphill traffic now unlike in the past when the road earned its name. The most dangerous thing on the road now is the mountain bikers. About 1 a year has died since 1998.

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death road 15

You enter the death road off of the RN 3 and head down hill all the way.

death road 11

death road 12

There are some cool waterfalls that you drive thru.

death road 24

death road 23

We met another couple from BC on their way up. They had started early and were almost at the top or otherwise they would be constantly running into mountain bikers taking over the road.

death road 26

death road 27

death road 30

death road 35

death road 17

death road 16

death road 37

You have to pay a tourist tax at the bottom of the road, but this fee does supposedly pay for road maintenance, signs, and ambulance service. It is 25 Bolivianos each.

death road 47

Then there is about another 20 km of dirt and water crossings to join back to the asphalt to head back the 100 km to La Paz.

death road 48

death road 49

death road 53

death road 57

death road 56

death road 59

death road 60

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  1. Howard Millichap says:

    That photo of Dan on the finger of road that looks like the end of the world is worthy of any magazine front cover. You should send it to Adventurebike magazine or some such.

  2. Julie & Tony says:

    More amazing photos. You are such dare devils!!!


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