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Bocas del Toro with the Chackos

Bocas with the Chackos 9

On the Isla colon itself there is only 1 road to Bocas del Drago beach 15.5 km away so we headed out there and back before we could go to the hotel to check in.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 4.53.26 PM

road to bocas 35

road to bocas 36

The town itself is very touristy and there is a garbage collection dispute going on in town so it is strewn everywhere.… Read the rest

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South to Golfito


We are now all serviced up….the next one is in Uruguay. Heading south we opted for a cooler route thru the mountains on the way to Golfito on the coast. The road curved up to 10,000 feet and the temperature dropped to 11 degrees.… Read the rest

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The deep South…Not what you’d expect at all

Heading South from Tennessee we landed in Hattiesburg MS. We got into the Southern spirit by having Alligator gumbo for dinner. This town has a very cute downtown core. Our preconception was that Alabama and Mississippi would be vast fields of cotton and Tobacco and that Louisiana would be a big swamp.… Read the rest

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Chasing the tail of the Dragon thru the Smoky Mountains

We LOVED the roads in Tennessee. The Dragon though the most famous is far from the only beautiful curvy scenic drive. There are stunning views of the Smoky Mountains from the parkways. Professional photographers wait along the Dragon ready to snap your picture in one of the 318 curves in the 11 miles.… Read the rest

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Arizona….Not just a desert.

We loved the Vermillion hills, but not the 45 degrees. We had to hide in the shade at the gas station.

Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 01.00.13

dan riding past the Vermillion hils

Vermillion hills

ride to tuba city

What’s surprising about Arizona is how green it is. When you are driving down to the North rim of THE Canyon there are forests and meadows right up to the rim.… Read the rest

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MOAB….Arches, Canyons, Bridges….

We set up camp at the Moab KOA and met up with Deb Hewson again. She showed up and cooked us up an amazing gourmet meal including smoked Cornish game hen, Morel mushroom risotto, and rose hip panacotta. The camper in the next site Calvin is a very cool dude so we asked him to join our BMW commune.… Read the rest

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And so it begins…….

FINALLY we are on the road…..and now for our first blog post. The trip started well with a night at Thom’s in Kamloops. Delicious.. I know I said I was not going to post what I had for breakfast. We headed off to the Two Dude Ranch to drop off the truck and more stuff.… Read the rest

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