South to Golfito


We are now all serviced up….the next one is in Uruguay. Heading south we opted for a cooler route thru the mountains on the way to Golfito on the coast. The road curved up to 10,000 feet and the temperature dropped to 11 degrees. First however there was the hour just to get out of San Jose in the traffic. Up at 10,000 feet we were in the clouds. We stopped at a grocery to buy some lunch. You can buy your lettuce here fresh growing in the dirt. It was still sunny and nice as we neared the coast. The palm tree plantations are for harvesting the nut for palm oil. As we are nearing the rainy season it tend to rain in the afternoon. It was of course raining and hot as we are on the coast again.

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  1. Joe says:


    Rainy season here too. BAHAHA!!!! Lots of shade, a fairly stiff breeze that lowers daily temp. It is almost exactly the same!!
    Sounds like nice country how do you find your breathing that high.
    Take Care
    Must find pylon suit just a little shower now!!

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