Somewhere over the Rainbow?

NZ South Isand-225

We  do not have far to go today to Christchurch, but the weather is supposed to turn to another cyclone this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 23.45.40

Despite this forecast that it would be nice until 3 pm it started to rain as we were packing up this morning. We only went about 15 minutes and we were ahead of the storm and the sun was shining. We then opted for the “Inland Scenic Route”.



About half way today Dan’s 800 passed 250,000 km!!! This route happily also took us back a few km from Sheffield where they have the best pie shop on the south island!

NZ South Isand-224

NZ South Isand-223

In Christchurch we were happy to find an relatively inexpensive airbnb in a house just 4 km from the motorcycle repair shop. A dodgy hotel here is easily 2-3 times the price.

We dropped the bikes at the shop and then walked the 4 km back stopping on the way for supplies to last out the storm. We will have a few things sorted. Some screws that have gone missing, the oil changed, the oil filter off the 650 (That no one could get off on since Tblisi), the brake oil on the 650 filled as it was not done by the guys in Malaysia (at least 8 items down incorrectly or not at all so far), valves checked also not done properly, and the timing chains replaced on both bikes.

Phil Parrish is a mechanic well know here on the South Island and he has done the split link repair on an 800 before. Dan’s 800 the chain was slipping when we had the valves supposedly checked and  shimmed in Malaysia and the power is definitely lacking recently. We are afraid to have a major melt down when we are island hopping in Indonesia. In the end Dan’s chain had stretched a full link and was removed without needing to cut it. Sara’s was not skipping and was stretched maybe 1/2 a link. The valves were of course not done properly in Malaysia either! They are not off by that much and will last until we hit the USA in May.


NZ South Isand-228

NZ South Isand-226

We timed the service well to coincide with the predicted cyclone and though there was not much wind it did pour for the 2 days we were hold up here.  Great time to get some work done and I finally got back at the blog posting. Dan also found a vinyl wrap shop to properly cover the Frankenscreen.


The forecast is for some showers today and then 4-5 days of  sunshine. We picked up the bikes and then headed out in some light showers to Hanmer Springs.


We noted on the road signs that the route to Picton on the highway 1 or Kaikoura road that just opened a month ago after 3 years is closed again after massive land slides. This means all the traffic must go on the 2 other paved roads or the Molesworth road. The sun was out soon enough and we had an easy 135 km.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 23.47.46

We stopped here for lunch and the couple next to us were riding as well, but are here from Greece. He leaned over to me and said “ This is a small world I saw you on an HU post  yesterday from Mt Cook!” He and Dan are actually FB friends  already! Very nice couple and we wish we had met them sooner. They are headed to St. Arnaud as well today, but on the paved road and they have to catch the ferry at Picton in the morning.

We set off from Hanmer on the Jack pass road and then onto the Tophouse Road, which is 110 km of dirt to meet the highway 63 near to St Arnaud. Most of the road is good firm gravel with a good track.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 23.48.12

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 15.15.55




NZ South Isand-230



NZ South Isand-231

About 50 km we came across a narrow, but very deep ford and then 55 km in a very wide river to cross. BTW we have not seen another vehicle.

NZ South Isand-232

NZ South Isand-233

NZ South Isand-234

NZ South Isand-235

NZ South Isand-237

There is a large bridge crossing the main river. When we finally made it to the Rainbow Station road 2 km later and  25 km from St Arnaud the gate sign said road closed. So with nothing to loose we decided to go on a bit and see. What we found were a few medium fords and poorer road, and then a huge land slide blocking the road after another 3 km. Now you think somewhere in the last 75 km there would have been a sign to say the road was closed or the local I stopped to talk to on the way would have  said something!!




NZ South Isand-239

NZ South Isand-238

It is now 5 pm and we will turn back, but 5 km back there was an emergency shelter hut for hikers and we decided to stay here the night. So now to get turned around on the landslide and then back over the raging river (Dan had to ride Lulu of course). The small cabin has 6 bunks and the water from the stream nearby can be drunk after boiling. There is also a very clean long drop.


NZ South Isand-247

NZ South Isand-240

NZ South Isand-241

NZ South Isand-243

The last people to fill in the intentions book were from Squamish!



NZ South Isand-252

We hope to get some good star shots tonight! About 930 we had a knock on the door and 2 fisherman and their land rover also decided to park for the night. They “kindly” woke us at 715 to see if we wanted hot water for coffee and ask us “do you have food?” We have food of course, but were glad of the hot water for coffee as it saved us heating it ourselves. Nice gentlemen!

NZ South Isand-244

NZ South Isand-249

Sedgemere Astro

NZ South Isand-253

We set off back the 65 km to Hanmer with only the one deep and narrow ford. Luckily just as we arrived we could prevent a “kid” from getting his car stuck here and blocking our exit as he was just about to go for it. We told him to turn back and he did. We made good time and at speed back to town for some fuel. So now we have to go all the way around. We decided to take the Lewis pass to Reefton and then stop for lunch.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 23.48.24





NZ South Isand-254

Jack’s Pass to Hanmer


Instead of going directly to Westport we rode south to Greymouth and then north on the “Great Coast Road” to Westport.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 23.48.56


On the way north you can see nice views of the rugged coastline and stop to visit the iconic Pancake rocks.



NZ South Isand-255


NZ South Isand-256

NZ South Isand-257

NZ South Isand-259

NZ South Isand-261

NZ South Isand-262

NZ South Isand

We decided to stop in Westport as we had been chasing behind the last of the storm and it was raining  the the last 30 min, and we were too tired to go on up the coast to Karamea. We arrived very cold and tired and stopped at the only hotel without a No Vacancy sign. They have a really good system in this town and others  as it is often fully booked. One place each day takes the role of central bookings. She knows which bars and hotels in town have beds. She set us up 700m down the road in the Cosmopolitan Bar/hotel. Good hot  shower and lots of plugs to charge everything we have.

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2 Responses to Somewhere over the Rainbow?

  1. John Carpenter says:

    well I noticed this on the 15th May SO that answered my question in the last chapter. Tnanks. Sounds that you have a heap of work done in ChCh on the bikes – I suppose its all fair wear & tear & expensive . As Dan would say its in the budget dear or in a bottomless pit of $$$’s. Well the kms are clocking up & were those Kms on the last last entry just here for NZ?? You should work out a sweepstake on which will be your Exit port for your NZ adventure – I would of said ChCh but you have been there done that so my $$’s are on Wgton. ?? Thank you for having me join your adventure thru this medium A GREAT show.
    Cheers for now – take care XO XO John

    • Sara says:

      Nice that you are following along. I am sorry I got so behind in the posts and now that I am done until Darwin. I just am trying to space the publishing out! More adventures in NZ to come yet!!! I hope Rosco is healing well! He has a big trip coming up. keep guessing!!! xo


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