San Jose and BMW Motocicletas

San Jose 31

Leaving Arenal the sky was dark and like most of the week it was raining and we are thankful for our over suits even if we look like two pylons. We are headed to San Jose for service at BMW motocicletas. We are glad we saw the volcano before, because today you cannot see anything. It did clear up by La Fortuna for a nice ride thru the mountains via Zarcero. The roads here are paved, but criss-cross and wind all over like they paved the cattle paths or something. This “major” road was under construction. Zarcero is known for the topiary in the church gardens. Like everywhere in Latin America driving or even walking at night can be hazardess. This hole was on our way to the grocery store in San Jose. Ahh Leffe we are really back in civilization. There was quite a lightening show that night. We arrived bright and early to BMW and Adolpho the service manager was there to meet us. They did a great job. We were there all day so took a break for lunch too. Thanks to Steve in San Jose whom we met on ADV for his advice on riding in Costa Rica and the name of the Out of Bounds B&B near the BMW dealership.

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  1. Mia Johnson says:

    I LOVE the weird tree arches, and the night sky over the city.

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