Salvador de Bahia

Salvador 72

We got up today to pouring rain despite it being bright and sunny outside, only in Brazil. But unlike Vancouver where this would last for days here it usually lasts less than 30 minutes.


We planned to go up the coast to the “ferry boat” to Salvador. This is 225 km, but we were told it would take 4-5 hours and it did. This was a combination of traffic, poor road conditions, towns with cobbled streets and lots of speed bumps.

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Salvador 2

Salvador 12

One delay was where a bridge was washed out. There was a diversion, but in the northbound section someone had not made it with a tractor-trailer and he had just dropped the trailer. This was an issue for the busses trying to get past. The issue for us was that the southbound lane of the detour was pretty steep and muddy and the drivers did not want to go that way. The route was one lane but cars from both directions were causing a jam. Finally the bus drivers got out and started direction traffic and we finally got moving.

Salvador 3

Salvador 4

In one of the towns we came upon a religious precession with everyone dressed in white.

Salvador 5

Salvador 6

Salvador 7

Salvador 9

Salvador 10

Salvador 11

We arrived at the dock in time for a quick snack and then loaded for the 50 min trip across the bay. It is about 10$ per bike for the crossing.

Salvador 13

Salvador 14

Salvador 15

Salvador 16

Salvador 17

Salvador 18

Salvador 20

The local kids all climbed onto the top deck and then leaped off as we sailed away.


Salvador 26

Salvador 22

Salvador 23

Salvador 25

The crossing was calm and the breeze was awesome!

Salvador 27

Salvador 29

Salvador 30

The ferry dock is conveniently very near the old city.

Salvador 28

We had a hotel just outside, so the price was better and there was no need to navigate the steep cobbled streets of the historic center.

Salvador 36

Salvador 37

Salvador 31

Salvador 32

Salvador 33

Salvador 95

Salvador 96

Salvador 97

There is live music all over the city every night. There is a great place near the cathedral called the Cantina de Luna where we liked to hang out.

Salvador 35

Salvador 34

Salvador was one of the first English colonies in the early 1500’s and was English Brazil’s first capital in 1549 and until it changed to Rio in 1763. It was the main port for the country and the center of the slave trade. It was one of the largest cities in the New World. 80% of the population is of African descent and this influences the food, music, and dance. It is the birthplace of Brazil’s Capeoira, which is a mix of dance and martial arts.

Salvador 69

Salvador 70

Salvador 71

Salvador 72

Salvador 73

Salvador 74

Salvador 75

We were carefully informed where we could go day and night to be safe. The incidence of crime and violence here is significantly higher than Sao Paulo and Rio. Despite that in the day we walked freely all over and no one gave us a first look let alone a second.

Salvador 38

Salvador 39

Salvador 40

Salvador 41

Salvador 46

Salvador 50

The old city is a block of cobbled streets with restaurants, bars, shops, churches, and museums. There is an elevator to connect the upper and lower sections of the city.

Salvador 42

Salvador 43

Salvador 44

Salvador 45

Salvador 47

Salvador 52

Salvador 55

Salvador 56

Salvador 57

Salvador 60

Salvador 61

The Cathedral.

Salvador 65

Salvador 62

Salvador 66

Salvador 67

Salvador 68

The old medical school.

Salvador 63

Salvador 64

The church of Sao Francisco was built in 1708, but the first on this site was built in 1587. The courtyard is covered with Portuguese tiles and the baroque church is covered in gold leaf.

Salvador 94

Salvador 76

Salvador 77

Salvador 84

Salvador 81




Salvador 82

Salvador 80

Salvador 85

Salvador 86

Salvador 87

Salvador 88

Salvador 91

Tonight we returned to our favorite bar on the main square and they had a guitar vocalist and a percussionist. The only issue was there was a film crew from what looked like a talk show holding up the evening. The two ladies next to us were singing all the songs. The owner of this place is a super host.

Salvador 98

Salvador 103

Salvador 113

Salvador 112

Salvador 107

Salvador 106

Salvador 108

Salvador 109

Salvador 111

Salvador 110

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  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Hi Daniel and Sara
    Thanks for sharing the outstanding photos. It feels like we are traveling with you.
    Love you
    Bryan and Denise

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks we are glad you like it. It will be a great journal for us to look back on when we are old and grey…wait we are already there xoxo

  2. Jay Ringrose says:

    Really enjoying your blog you guys. The photos are outstanding! My travel itch needs scratchin’ ! grin…

    Be safe, and know I following along..

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