Road to Bocas del Toro

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We were meeting friends in Bocas del Toro in a few days time and decided to drive back instead of flying with them.

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Getting out of Panama City in the traffic took almost an hour. The F800 was having some issues with the bike dying at speed. So we stopped at BMW to get a fuel pump electronic controller. Daniel installed this and the problem was solved. The F650GS has the new version of the controller, which is sealed. This meant a late start on a nearly 490 km day in 39 degree heat that got us back to back to Boquete by 430.


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We tried out a local buffet restaurant which was quite good.

Leaving Boquete we headed up over the mountains to the North Atlantic Coast of Panama.

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We ran into a little bit of rain that slowed us down and a heard of cattle that would not get off the road either.

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The ride up is stunning and despite the wet road we had very little actual rain. Daniel was lucky and saw a large black panther too. Almirante is another dodgy port town like port towns almost everywhere.


The view from the hotel is of the Chiquita banana loading area, but it has a casino!

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The ferry to the islands leaves at 8 everyday except Mondays and returns at 4 pm. This means you have to stay in this sketch town 2 nights. We got up at 6 to get in line and loaded at 7. The trip is 10$ per bike and takes 2 hours.

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