Piedra Rica

leaving monpox 32

Now we had to reverse our route back 100 km to the highway 25 and then west towards Medallin.

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The town was a bit flooded. The storm made the way back out the next day a bit more of a challenge on the dirt, but now mud sections.

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leaving monpox 4

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We arrived for the 10 boat, which of course had left at 930 so we waited for the 12.

leaving monpox 11

Dan made a few friends while we hung around.

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leaving monpox 14

Loading the boat was easier than the steep muddy ramp appears.

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We were very glad it was not too hot out pouring for the 4o min ride back.

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leaving monpox 25

All the locals were dressed up in Football colors for the big game against Chile tonight. They had their bikes, their cars, and them selves decorated.

leaving monpox 28

Huge gatherings of bikes were getting ready to watch the game at local bars.

leaving monpox 29

We didn’t drive as far a we had planned do to the 2 hour delay for the ferry, but we arrived at just after 4 in a nice looking town and stopped at the nicest looking of the hotels. We got a nice clean room with fan and air con for 20$. Walking up the road we stopped at a small “bar” to watch the game. Initially at half time Colombia was down 3 nothing, but came back to tie and advance to the World cup. Let the party begin. It is custom here to leave the empty beer bottles on the table. so the waitress can keep track. If you want to but someone a drink you just take one of their empties to your table. The locals here as everywhere in Colombia are extremely friendly. Several people came and took bottles from our table and one gave us several shots of Red Label Johnny Walker. We were all celebrating the Colombian football team together.

leaving monpox 30

leaving monpox 32

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