Panama City Part 2

We packed up our few belonging and put them back in storage yesterday and headed from Vancouver to Panama City.




After a night flight that arrived at 830 am we were bagged and headed to the hotel for a power nap. Then off to the Terminal de Cargo and Girag to get the bike shipping organized.

Panama part 2 7

This place is a beehive of activity. Of course the English speaking contact Richard was not in today and of course he had not left instructions, but despite that we managed. Luckily several of the people who spoke some English remembered us from April and were very helpful.

Panama part 2 1

Panama part 2 2

Panama part 2 4

Panama part 2 5

We then went into the lot to check on the bikes we found three Honduran bikes there also. All was in order so we went to pay for the shipping. We leave for Bogota tomorrow and the bikes go the next day.

Panama part 2 9

Panama part 2 10

Panama part 2 13

Panama part 2 16

Before we left we went down the street to the Tocumen shipping and Cargo to check on Orvar the GSSWEDE’s bike for him.

Panama part 2 17

We headed back to the man terminal and into the bowels of the Tocumen Airport to get our flights organized at the Avianca office. All in all not too bad as we managed all this with several taxi trips in just about 2 hours total.

Panama part 2 23

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2 Responses to Panama City Part 2

  1. Cynthia says:

    Hi, Daniel and Sara: The Fisher Family here was musing about your whereabouts and I see that you have returned to Central America. We’re still here in the very tropical Toronto (close to 30degrees and its Oct. 1st!). Hoping you’ll be posting your pictures and commentaries soon. Have a wonderful trip, Slyv

    • Daniel says:

      We are having some issues with our site, it is refusing to send out the post notifications. I really dont want to start typing out 200 email address yet. trying to work it out. Hope you are all well xoxo

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