oktoberfest 14

Today we headed out the 2 hours to Munich in the rain for the Oktoberfest.

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oktoberfest 3

Our first stop was near the English Garden where we could walk and see some of the historic buildings nearby.

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It is not too often you see a guy riding a bike with a surfboard this far from an ocean…. check out the “surfers” in the park.

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oktoberfest 10

Then we made for one of the oldest Hofbrauhaus in the city for “breakfast” of beer, pretzels, and Weisswurst (boiled white sausages).

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oktoberfest 13

oktoberfest 14

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oktoberfest 21

There were some amusing moments for the demonstration on how to eat the Weisswurst!

oktoberfest 16

oktoberfest 17

oktoberfest 18

The “new” Rathaus or city hall from 1820!

oktoberfest 22

oktoberfest 23

Then we headed to the fest. Here we checkout several of the tents and beers. We took the Ferris wheel, tried out the toboggan ride, and the test of strength.

oktoberfest 64

The Toboggan is a conveyor belt that is moving very fast and takes quite a bit of skill to ride. It is really fun to watch the drunk people try to get up without help. Think turtle on it’s back!

oktoberfest 29

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oktoberfest 35

There were a lot of people in traditional costumes.

oktoberfest 42

oktoberfest 67

oktoberfest 68

The Tents were crowded and loud, but awesome all the same. You can only buy 1 liter beers at Oktoberfest!

oktoberfest 44

oktoberfest 57

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oktoberfest 50

oktoberfest 56

oktoberfest 53

oktoberfest 55

oktoberfest 58

House number 2!

oktoberfest 61

oktoberfest 62

oktoberfest 63

The Ferris wheel was actually a lot of fun! We did about 10 loops and kept passing the same drunk people on the platform.

oktoberfest 76

oktoberfest 78

oktoberfest 79

oktoberfest 77

oktoberfest 74

oktoberfest 81

oktoberfest 85

oktoberfest 88

House number 3!

oktoberfest 91

oktoberfest 92

oktoberfest 96

oktoberfest 95

oktoberfest 100

oktoberfest 104

oktoberfest 106

oktoberfest 108

oktoberfest 112

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