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Back in NYC we took the subway to Battery Park and a visit to the World Trade Center Memorial. It will be a beautiful place in the center of the new towers when it’s done. Currently it is a bit upsetting how they have made this into such a commercial enterprise (gift shops etc). The design is a bit eerie also with the water falling into a deep hole to nowhere. The first of the 7 towers is open and the second much taller is well underway. The “survivor’s” tree is the only tree that remains from the original WTC site.

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We then did a walking tour of Lower Manhattan starting Bowling green where the famous Bull is located and behind this is the beautiful 1907 US Custom House. At Battery park nearby is the WTC sphere recovered from the wreckage.

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Walking towards the waterfront you see Castle Clinton, which like Ellis island and the Statue of Liberty are closed due to the Hurricane Sandy damage. Back in 1811 when it was built the castle was on an island off the shore. The Lady Liberty is off to the right in the distance.

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Walking along the now seashore towards the city we turned up to go along Pearl street, which was the original shoreline. Located here is the famous Fraunces Tavern built in 1762. It was a meeting place for men of the revolution. Strolling father along you come to Stone Street, which is a cobble alley and the first paved road in NYC.

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Turning onto Wall street is the old Manhattan Company Building, which is now the Trump Tower and the second tallest building in the city. The barriers to entry on all the streets in this area protect the Stock Exchange and Federal Reserve nearby.

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Federal Hall, built in 1700 as New York’s City Hall, later served as the first capitol building of the new United States and was the site of George Washington’s inauguration as the first President. It was also where the Bill of Rights was introduced in the First Congress. The building was demolished in 1812. The Federal Hall National Memorial on Wall Street was built in 1842 as the United States Custom House, on the site of the old Federal Hall. The reason this street has its name is because there was a wooden wall running down the center.

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Walking further we came upon the Ten house fire station where the first responders to the WTC were based. Continuing up Broadway you arrive at City Hall Park. The Declaration of Independence was read here in 1776. Then on again to Central Park.

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There is some amazing architecture here, but this building at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge is truly stunning. Heading toward little Italy you pass thru Chinatown. We were going to Ferrara’s famous since 1892 for it’s coffee and pastries.

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The next day was rainy so we headed to the NYC Public Library for a tour. This included a guided tour of the different library collections including the Gutenberg Bible and the original Winnie the Pooh animals. The biggest surprise was running into Marg Duke in the lobby.

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No visit to NCY is complete without a stop at M&M World!

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