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After 9 months on the road together we actually were going separate ways for a week. Dan was headed back to kite surf up north at Playa Copal and I was headed to Nuevo Arenal on the lake for some relaxation and a cooler climate after 2 weeks of oppressive heat at the beach. When we left home in June we said we would try to get time by ourselves regularly and we did not do it.

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Heading east off the Pan Americana you can feel it get cooler from 37 to 27 degrees. Turning towards the lake the road was initially like a paved country lane. It did get windier (is that a word) and windier until I saw the dreaded wind farm. Suddenly the pavement stopped and for a few KM it was a dirt road with some pretty steep down hill grades.

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I had booked into the Agua Inn B&B for some R&R. They have a steep very windy driveway too (or so our hosts warned us by email!). Up is worse than down for sure, especially if you meet a car. It was actually sort of nice to be alone and go for walks to the lake or just hang out on the deck and watch the birds. They really make you feel at home here. The girls were always making goodies for me. There was a tropical storm here and it poured rain for days, but I did not mind just hanging out on the couch with a book. It rained so hard on the metal roof on the inn that I hardly slept 2 of the nights.

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Daniel meanwhile was at copal with wind that was way too strong for a noobie, but some of the experts did kite by the full moon with glow sticks on their kites. He finally gave up and headed back down the dirt road south of Copal to hit the pan Americana.











That meant Daniel arrived back at Nuevo Arenal a few days earlier than planned, which was great. The rain finally stopped so we could get out to ride. We were last here in Arenal in 2001 when there was a very badly pot holed dirt road. The now paved road along the lake is curvy enough to drag the pegs. There are amazing views of the Arenal volcano and you end at the hot springs for a dip. There is a very expensive private springs, but as usual if you ask the locals there is a free hot spring near by.

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In town at Moyas for dinner we met Rich and Karleen. They make us look like pussies on our 500 lb BMW bikes. They walk or ride somewhere in the world for 3 months every year. Last year they walked from Ushuaia up the spine of the Andes. Rich had stitches put in on Bocas del Toro 10 days ago so it was time to take them out. They are staying at the same B&B as we are.

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  1. Cynthia Fisher says:

    Hi, Dan and Sara: Having a wonderful trip with you. My memory of Arenal was going with layers of clothing after being warned it would be cold; after sweating for most of the trip up (by bus, not bike), I don’t think I have ever been so cold in my life! The guide’s comment : but you are Canadians; isn’t it cold there? Certainly worth it! Spectacular country. Wish I was there. Hugs to both of you, “Slyv”

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