North to the border of Bolivia

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Today we are headed to the border of Bolivia. The border town of Yavi is 391 km north from Salta.

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Gassing up on the way out we took this picture of the very cute gas girl to add to Trevor Angel’s collection of cute gas girls. There was this crazy huge armadillo sculpture on the edge of town too.

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The ride north from Salta on the 9 is fantastic. The route thru the valley is on a very curvy paved road that is only 4 meters wide and about 30 km long.

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A great stopping place for a snack is the cute town of Pumamarca in the valley of the seven colours.

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There is a very old church here with a 700-year-old tree.

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Arriving back at our bikes we found this police man “ guarding” our bikes. He told us we had left them alone too long and they could go missing. He was not at all worried about this guy parked next to us with all his gear. He even has a long board skateboard.

pumamarca yavi 28

pumamarca yavi 29

Just up the road is an artisanal shop with a huge Llama and a cactus with a nice rack (Andi). This is the first time we had issues with gas and altitude. The 650 especially did not like it and several times the power failed and twice the bike died at 3900-4200 m. Phew and we have not even got crappy Bolivian gas yet.

pumamarca yavi 31

pumamarca yavi 34

Arriving at the border at 4 pm we had lots of time to get to the Bolivian town of Tupiza in 65 km. Driving up it was eerily quiet. This was because there was a roadblock on the Bolivian side and the border had been closed all day. They said it would open at 7 the next day. We drove 38 km to Yavi Chico because we had been told it was a nicer place to stay then Yavi, it’s not. So we headed back to town and found a hotel. Luckily there was a room with the border closure and there was also a large tour here with 12 bikes.

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2 Responses to North to the border of Bolivia

  1. Norbert Tietze says:

    Hi you guys .
    You are riding in the opposite direction , it is nice you had a good time with Andi and Ellen and drove trough beautifull scenery I guess it is a litle colder now to do uyuni then wehn We went trough in March, even then it was cool in the mornings,
    From Uyuni are you driving back to B/A? Or driving up to Peru And columbia ?? .I see the skys are clare on your pictures no rain great to drive and not too Hot. You took some pictures which I missed on the way down.

    Save riding.
    Norbert and Greti

    • Daniel says:

      We drove up thru Bolivia and into peru as far as Caraz and then south again to Salta now. We will be in BA about the 15 th for our flight on June 19. See you in BC!!!!

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