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Well now we were up for an adventure. On Salvador’s suggestion we decided to make a side trip on our way west to the UNESCO site at Monpox also spelled Monpos depending on the map. This place really is stuck in colonial times, and is WAY off the beaten track.

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First there is the 60 km detour from the route to Medallin to the town of Manangue. Then there is the 40 min ferry ride. last there is the 40 km drive to the town itself.

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Manangue is a crowded place where we figured the ferry had to be near the riverfront so we headed there. The interesting thing I find is that in these places if you are driving around looking for something someone always stops to help you. More often than not a guy on a bike will drive up and ask if you are looking for the Border crossing, the ferry dock, the highway etc and then drive you there.

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With help we did find the ferry dock, which was loading shortly for the 40 min river ride.

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Initially we were told to load the bikes, but then the boss returned and wanted us on last…off we go again.

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Dan squeezed his “moto Grande in front of a truck and then wedged Lulu between his and the winch.

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They loaded this thing like a zig saw puzzle.

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Now for the river ride.

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Next the 40 km to Monpox. The first few km are well paved, and then it deteriorates into paved in parts, and then gravel and finally dirt.

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The town itself is said to be the best-preserved colonial site in the country. That night there was an incredible thunder and lightening storm that light up the whole town, shut off the power, and set off all the car alarms.

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