May in NYC!

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We have always wanted to spend a month in New York City and with the onset of the rainy season in Central America we had the perfect excuse to spend May there. Arriving  on May 1 it was on a spectacular spring day. To be honest the scariest thing that has happened to us since we left Vancouver and drove north and then south to Panama was the death defying taxi ride from Newark Airport to our rental apartment on 9 th Avenue and 57 th Street in Manhattan.

That night we headed out to our favorite Halal cart and walked up to Lincoln center.

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In the first few days here in the city we did a walking tour of Greenwich village. This included the only wooden house in NYC built in 1822, the narrowest house in NYC at less than 10 feet, and the “friends” apartment. The garden at the Jefferson Market Library was in full bloom. We wandered the streets lined with beautiful brick buildings towards Washington Square.

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We spent a lot of time exploring Central Park. There are carriage riders, bikers, runners, and lots of walkers. We heard this amazing quartet sing under the overpass and then saw a line up for advice for .25$.

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Emily was in town for her interview and we joined her at Buvette for dinner and then a night at the famous NYC Comedy Cellar. The next day we headed to Ben’s favorite deli for amazing salads.

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One of our favorite places in NCY is the Natural History Museum where we spent the whole day. We also headed to the iconic Union stations and Rockefeller center.

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3 Responses to May in NYC!

  1. Emily Fisher says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Great to see you guys. Enjoy your month in NYC and see you when you are back in Vancouver this summer! xox

  2. Michaela Aldana says:

    What a beautiful time of year to be in NYC. Look forward to seeing you both.

  3. Cynthia Fisher says:

    Sara, Daniel and Emily: New York City for a month? Gorgeous pics. Any chance you’ll be around on June 7th-10th? Arriving in NYC with Paula for a birthday weekend. Love, Slyv

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