Loch Ness, Speyside Whiskey Tasting, and Edinburg Part 2

aberlour 8

From Castletown to Nairn it is 128 miles south on the A9 and then west along the north coast. We had tried to take the ferry from Nigg to Cromarty, but when we got there the ferry was broken down and we had to back track all the way around the inlet to the bridge at Bonar.

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From Nairn we backtracked to Inverness and then headed south on the west side on Loch Ness.

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At the lock itself we saw several ships traverse the locks. Riding back on the east side it is a single track.

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When we finally started east again we continued on the small roads to get to Charletown of Aberlour. This is the center of the Speyside whiskey-making region. We camped here despite the weather. We booked tours at Aberlour and at The Macallum. We also managed a circle walk around the village to the local falls and the old footbridge over the river Spey.

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We are making for Edinbugh again today and this was again on the small roads and goes thru the Cairngorms National park.

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Arriving back at Gino and Fi’s we were welcomed home by them and Fi’s parents Jackie and Dan!

edinburgh 2 1

Saturday was oil change day. Then we treated our selves to a few pints in Leith at the jazz festival and then a great fish dinner!

edinburgh 2 2

edinburgh 2 3

edinburgh 2 4

Today we did a tour of the coast roads east of the city and then visited the national aircraft museum.

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We finished the day off in a 14 th century pub and a little IOM TT racing .

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