La Paz Bolivia

Leaving Copacabana we headed the 143 km to La Paz.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 10.53.23 PM

The views of Lake Titicaca and the snow coverd peaks of the Andes were awesome.

la Paz 1

la Paz 3

la Paz 7

la Paz 6

la Paz 9

The first step was to go 30 km to Tiquina where you need to get a launch to the other side of the lake at this narrows. It is about 2.50$ per bike.

la Paz 10

la Paz 11

la Paz 12

la Paz 14

la Paz 19

la Paz 20

la Paz 16

la Paz 23

la Paz 21

We then head east on the RN 2. We did not see much evidence of the first 2 spots that the road was blocked, just a few rocks on the road. Arriving on the outskirts of the city there was about 10 spots where the road in a 10 km stretch was blocked by rocks and crowds of people. A truck blocked the worst area. We were able to get thru the crowds easily. The burning tires were everywhere. At one spot they had a rope across the road, but at about our chest level. One of the protestors told us to go back and ride around….the guy next to him smiled and lifted the rope up for us.

la Paz 24

la Paz 25

la Paz 30

la Paz 29

la Paz 27

la Paz 31

The one benefit to the blockade was that there was zero traffic getting into the city. Arriving at the tollbooth we saw the army forces gathering and getting ready to break up the blockade. The view of the city in its “bowl” is incredible.

la Paz 33

la Paz 34

la Paz 32

We went of a bit of a walk thru the old city and the Iglesia of San Francisco.

la Paz 37

la Paz 40

la Paz 38

la Paz 41

la Paz 42

la Paz 46

You can climb to the roof thru this very narrow stairway.

la Paz 47

la Paz 48

la Paz 49

la Paz 50

la Paz 55

la Paz 52

la Paz 57

la Paz 58

la Paz 56

la Paz 60

In the large cities in Bolivia they have these Zebra crossing guards to keep people following the traffic rules.

la Paz 53

The main square of the city is quite small and over run with pigeons.

la Paz 65

la Paz 66

la Paz 64

la Paz 62

la Paz 67

la Paz 68

This was the view from the bed in our lux 2 bed 2 bath suite in La Paz!!

la Paz 70

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2 Responses to La Paz Bolivia

  1. Norbert Tietze says:

    Hi Sara and Daniel.
    Looks like you’r heaving fun riding in Bolivia and Peru!”we stayed at the Hotel Oberlander in La Paz close to the Valle de la Luna this is where all overlander Campers go, very nice Hotel owned by Swiss,
    I recognice some of the pictures of the road you traveled seems noting has changed there will always be erosion and wash out in those high mountains,we also traveled the same roads ,the only place we were on the pacific was in Trrujillos We could not get back fast enough to the Andean Mountains,
    To ride in rain and mud is no fun on top of it cold and gear that does not hold as promised.
    The view of la Paz is incredible as you come down from the Altiplano
    Keep up the nice Pictures and narratives of your Adventure .
    Safe riding Norbert and Greti

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