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The big thing to do here in Argentina is to have an Asado, which is a special kind of BBQ. There is an art to making the fire and the cooking is done over the coals only. The meat is served to wooden plates and you cut it with huge jewelled knives.

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La Falda 28

Well it has been pouring rain and thunder and lightening for the last 4 days so we were happy not to be riding. The sun finally did come out and we took a trip up over the mountains and came back on a great off road route. Also joining us was Peter who is just finishing up a 3 -month trip to South America.

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First there was the hairpin, but paved Camino Cuadrado over the mountain towards Cordoba, but then you make a left turn towards Salsipuedes and then a left onto the gravel towards Candonga.

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ride from La Falda 1

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ride from La Falda 41

There were a few water crossings as well.

ride from La Falda 19

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ride from La Falda 28

A lot of the “road” was like a washed out riverbed and also with some steep sections and tight corners.

ride from La Falda 31

ride from La Falda 45

ride from La Falda 46

There is a beautiful valley with an old estancia and church on the way, but nothing else and we saw only 3 cars.

ride from La Falda 6

ride from La Falda 5

Peter had a small dirt nap after a patch of deep mud.

ride from La Falda 49

ride from La Falda 32

Depsite the fact that it looke like rain today we opted to head south to the “german town” of General Belgrano. We did not take the 125 km direct route on the RN 38, but the windy scenic route.

La Falda 32

One of the water crossings was too deep for the cars.

La Falda 33

La Falda 39

La Falda 41

This route takes you along several lakes too and on one there was a hydroelectric plant with a massive amount of water flowing over it.

La Falda 35

La Falda 47

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2 Responses to La falda

  1. Norbert Tietze says:

    I hope you enyoied General Belgrano ,beer gardens and black forrest cake.
    We had a good time tere,too short of a stay
    ,will spend more time there next year.
    In Vancouver spring is here,hope to take the V strome for a ride soon .
    Love Norbert and Greti
    Sgave travels.

    • Daniel says:

      we had great Brats and sauerkraut! We are in Cayfate and off to Salta tomorrow. See you in vancouver this summer!

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