Its a long long way to….Tarmac and “civilization?”

Tajik Pamir-166

Tajikistan and the Pamir “Highway” Pargol to Murgab

Initially our plan was to get at least another 1/3 of the way to Murgab. We were up at 6 as we were in bed at asleep at 830.

First some breakfast and then we hit the road just before 9.

Tajik Pamir-132

Tajik Pamir-133

Now we think maybe we can make it all the way to Murgab today. Google will not route that way so here is the SPOT map. It is about 300 km and half is unpaved.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 17.11.53

From our home stay near to Pagol it is 30 km more along the river before the road heads north. Most of this is unpaved and there are long stretches of deep gravel they have dumped on the road and a fair amount of sand. The rest is terrible wash board.

Tajikistan Murgab

Tajik Pamir-134

Tajik Pamir-135

Tajik Pamir-136

Tajik Pamir-137

Tajik Pamir-139

When we head north off the river and the Afghan border the fist section is 6 tight, steep, rocky off camber switchbacks, but then the road surface is mostly firm going up into the mountains. There are just a few short sandy sections to contend with.

Tajikistan Murgab-2

Tajikistan Murgab-3

Tajikistan Murgab-5

Tajikistan Murgab-6

Tajik Pamir-138

Tajikistan Murgab-7

Tajik Pamir-141

Tajik Pamir-142

Tajik Pamir-150

Tajikistan Murgab-8

Tajikistan Murgab-13

We came upon a huge waterfall and there were 8 cyclists and Jo in a truck. We had a nice rest and talked to the other traveler. We gave 2 of the girls some candy bars and food as they had run out of food except pasta and ketchup. (there is nowhere to buy food until you reach Murgab in 200 km).

Tajik Pamir-147

Tajikistan Murgab-15

Tajik Pamir-144

There continues to be a good gravel road until you drop back into the valley near the next river, where there is a lot of wash board and sand. This makes for slow and bone shaking riding.

Tajikistan Murgab-16

Tajik Pamir-148

Tajik Pamir-145

Tajik Pamir-146

Tajikistan Murgab-19

We did however see some Bactrian camels just across the river in Afghanistan.

Tajik Pamir-154

At 1230 we arrived to the next turn in the road this is where we meet the cross road to connect back to the 41. This is 100 km from the pavement and passes over 4300m. There is a military camp here at Khargush and a check point to register your passport and GBAO permit. We discussed stopping to cook something, but it was very windy and so we pressed on.

Tajik Pamir-155

Tajik Pamir-156

Tajik Pamir-157

Tajik Pamir-158

Tajikistan Murgab-21

Tajik Pamir-160

Tajik Pamir-159

The road rises, but between there rises are plains that are either gravel washboard or sand roads. This is getting to be a very tiring day.

Tajik Pamir-162

Tajikistan Murgab-23

Tajik Pamir-164

Tajikistan Murgab-25

Tajik Pamir-165

Tajik Pamir-168

Reaching the summit there is no marker but we used the GPS to locate it at 4307 m. The downward road was again a lot of sand and washboard.

Tajik Pamir-167

Tajik Pamir-169

Tajik Pamir-170

Tajik Pamir-173

We finally used our spare gas to top us up, but Trevor did not have any and the only village we have seen all day is 160 km from Murgab was at 4000m and he drove around and asked for Benzene. While we were waiting for him some local ladies came to talk to us. They asked where we had come from and when we said the Wakhan valley. They said that road is terrible! They then of course offered us tea. There are a lot of very cool looking yurts. Trevor did not have to look very hard for gas as the first guy he asked said i will take you to the gas guy. He siphoned out 4 litres from a big drum for 32 Somoni (3.60$US).

Tajik Pamir-181

Tajik Pamir-179

Tajik Pamir-180

Tajik Pamir-182

Tajik Pamir-183

Leaving the mountain again there was another plain about 30 km from the 41. It was very painful washboard and sandy road. Orvar managed to keep upright, but Sara had one spectacular crash in some very deep sand. The last 15 km to the 41 mentally took forever with the washboard and sand. It was awesome to finally hit the paved road after 4 days and this particularly challenging one.

Tajikistan Murgab-26

Tajikistan Murgab-27

Finally a break from the washboard from hell!

Tajikistan Murgab-28

Tajik Pamir-174

It is a paved road, but very bumpy with dips and heaves. We have 130 km to Murgab and we finally arrived there after 6. The views on the way are incredible and you are at 4000 m until the town, which is at 3600. Just after we hit the pavement we met this Korean guy who had ridden across Russia and to Tajikistan. We warned him that his bike was not for the Wakhan Valley road.

Tajik Pamir-175

Tajik Pamir-176

Tajik Pamir-177

Tajikistan Murgab-31

Tajikistan Murgab-32

Tajikistan Murgab-34

The last 80 km seemed to take forever. We stopped a lot for photos. Orvar was bitten in the face by a wasp and it really started to swell. He had to take a Benadryl it was getting so bad. 50 km from our destination we had to stop as Orvar getting drowsy and we were all starved. We broke into the emergency tuna and boiled up some noodles in Trevor’s jet boil. Lunch after 5 ADV style.

Tajik Pamir-184

Tajik Pamir-185

Tajik Pamir-193

Tajik Pamir-195

Tajik Pamir-186

Tajik Pamir-189

Tajik Pamir-190

Tajik Pamir-196

Tajik Pamir-198

The last part we just booked it as the sun was very low. There is a military check point 5 km from the hotel. Murgab town is really in the  middle of nowhere.

Tajik Pamir-199

Tajik Pamir-200

Tajik Pamir-202

Tajik Pamir-201

Tajik Pamir-203

Murgab looks like something you would see in Star wars. There is of course no wifi and there is power only by generator from 7 am to 11. We pulled into the only hotel in town and got rooms for 30$ including breakfast. We are all bagged and suffering a bit from the altitude as last night were at 2500 m and today at 3600.  There are shared cooed showers, which makes things interesting. They have a restaurant here and luckily a local guide translated for us. There is lots of beer but none is cold and so we settled on a bottle on Tajik “Cognac” for 4$. Its for shooting only and was terrible.

Tajikistan Murgab-36

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  1. Denise Pedersen says:

    All I can say is”Wow”to that adventure!!!

  2. Robert Hayes says:

    Love the story and pictures………..

  3. Brent Boyd says:

    Awesome scenery and great adventures. You two are inspirational to adv riders everywhere !

  4. Ruth Lennon says:

    Amazing scenery but all I can think of is those poor kidneys. Got to love those paved roads.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks as always we so appreciate your interest in the journey. So nice to see you on video chat! Looking forward to seeing you both in Person next summer!!! S&D

  5. The Wilsons says:

    Amazing amazing amazing is all Leslie and I can say. Very brave to do what you are doing. We love living it through your emails a safe distance away here in Treetops. 😊 Hugs
    The Wilsons

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks so much for the message. Miss being just across the street from you guys!!! We are going into China tomorrow for a month. Should be an experience for sure. Hoping for better food than Mongolia! Cheers Sara

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