Hot at the beach to happy in El Vallee

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We headed south on the Pan-Americana and then west to Pedasi on the coast.

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We found a small hotel run by an ancient old lady for 30$ with aircon, a ceiling fan, and a private bath. It’s 37 and humid so aircon was a must! This is a sleepy little town that has not been discovered yet. We continued around the peninsula to the surfer hostel at playa Venao.

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We have really had enough of the heat so we headed up to El Valle de Anton, which is a small town in an extinct volcanic caldera.

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Leaving Venao we continued around the peninsula initially on a paved road that became a rough crappy paved road that turned to intermitted pavement and gravel and then a good gravel road.

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The only tough spot was where the construction of the road was at the other end. They had just dumped oily aggregate. Luckily on the first steep part I followed in the front loaders tracks. For the next bit that was very deep we waited for the roll compacter. On the last short loose and deep bit it was go slow and duck walk. Managed to make it intact. Daniel of course did the first section in the deep, but waited for the roller with me. After this it was like a black ribbon undulating infront of us!


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El Valle de Anton is a quaint spot with few foreigners. We chose a small hotel close to the center of town and across from the church.

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The next day we set out to explore the valley. Initially we were on a nice paved route, which became a rougher paved road and then a gravel road and then a grass (read eventually very muddy) road.

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Turning around we headed back towards town and stopped at the ecolocical park. Here you hike up along the river and past small falls and pools. This leads to some large rocks covered with petroglyphs. If you continue hiking/scrambling up to the top you eventually reach the top for a view of the la India Dormida or sleeping Indian girl ( the image seen of the mountain range) and the entire Valley.

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Also from the town you can hike to the national park, but you have to take a guide!

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You could find your dream home in this town!








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  1. Mia says:

    Gee guys, aren’t you getting tired of all these beautiful palm trees and gorgeous flowers and amazing beaches, all that warm weather, hot sun, scenic mountain ranges and delicious food?!
    ps hope you got John’s instructions for removing the camera code from the photo decriptions in the media library (pesky little things).
    Yours, Still Cold in Vancouver xx

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