Home to Vancouver…first a stop in Salvador


With the bikes safely stored away and the front suspensions carefully packed we got up at 3 am to head to the airport for our 6 am flight. The first leg to Lima was 4 hours and we saw the sun rise. The second leg to San Salvador was also 4 hours and we had views of the snow covered peaks.





We organized a 4- day layover in Salvador so we could catch up with or friends Mario and Fernanda there. They picked us up at the airport and then it was off to the beach for some beers and oysters!







Daniel went to check out Mario’s new Touratech location and his new moto!




This afternoon was spent at the Barakuda bar to watch some world cup football. Fernanda and I bet on the score in the Honduras Ecuador game and both won!



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2 Responses to Home to Vancouver…first a stop in Salvador

  1. jeff says:

    We will be leaving Lima Peru in a couple weeks riding to Cusco, Puno and into Boliva. We have expired Peru TVIP , do they check in Boliva that you cleared the motos? Which crossing is better to make a run for the border? We will ride for a couple weeks and again look for moto storage, probably in LaPaz. I enjoy your blog having rode some of your routes. We started a couple years ago from Pruduoe, we ride, store and return and ride somemore, taking our time to enjoy

    • Daniel says:

      Yes they do check on exit from Peru and entry to Bolivia. To exit Peru you will need a valid TVIP so you will have to photo shop yours. They stamp and give you one section of your TVIP when you exit and tell you never to loose this as it is proof that you exited with the bike. If you do not provide this piece you must pay the tax on the value of the bike. This is the value you stated on entry and signed off that you would pay if you did not cancel the TVIP. The border crossing at Yunguyo on the way to Copacabana Bolivia is less sophisticated so probably easier to get away with the photoshopping.

      Cusco is awesome. Consider going on the 3N and 3S instead of the Pan Americana. In Cusco a good biker hostal is Hospedaje Estralita on Avenida Tullumayo near the main square. It is cheap and clean and has good bike parking in the courtyard.

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