Hamburg to Hirtshals

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We had been invited to the home of fellow rider Wolfgang and his wife Brigette near Hamburg. We had met him on line and passed on some tips for his trip to Morocco, which was just a few weeks after ours. He sent us the GPS coordinates to his home and was actually out front to meet us since he had been following us on the SPOT!

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They are amazing hosts. Our first night we were honored to be a part of their Friday night Bolognese night!

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We took the train into the city and did a bit of a walking tour with our host’s advice. The first stop was the cool looking Chili Haus building.

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hamburg 6

We toured around the downtown area. We had our first German Bratwurst in a long while.

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They then joined us in the afternoon and we looked around the old warf district.

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“Since 1995, Cologne based artist Gunter Demnig has been commemorating the victims of the German Nazi regime through his project “Stolpersteine” – Stumbling Stones. All over Germany, the artist has been laying small memorial stones in sidewalks and pavements outside those houses where the people lived or worked who were persecuted and murdered by the Nazi regime. In 2002 the first Stumbling Stone was laid in Hamburg and many followed ever since.” They are now all over Germany.

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We walked along the river to see the unique car elevator from the tunnel under the Elb River.

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Driving north we followed the advice of pretty much everyone to just take the highway thru northern Germany and into Denmark. We did this thru the flat agricultural lands to Aarhus.

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hirtshals 1

hirtshals 2

Here there is a very nice campground that even has heated floors in the showers.

hirtshals 4

hirtshals 3

From here we made for the northern tip of the country at Skagen, but we took the long way of course.

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hirtshals 8

hirtshals 9

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Here we had a famous Danish Hotdog.

hirtshals 7

hirtshals 12

We camped for the night on the north coast. This campground has nice sites each with a hedge for protection from the wind. The “1 km walk” to the nearest shop with beer was actually 2 km, so we did have to drink a few on the long way back.

hirtshals 13

We then took a long walk on the dunes and along the beach to watch the kite surfers.

hirtshals 14

hirtshals 15

hirtshals 16

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