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bruges 6

Leaving Berlin we were now in search of insurance. We had a list of ADAC offices that do sell green card insurance. We headed south and west 129 km to Dressau-Roblau.

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From here we continued west towards the mountainous Hartz region. Here we found camping at Brocken. One of the towns we passed thru had celebrated its 1000 th anniversary almost 30 years ago!


MRT  1

MRT  3

We had 58 km to get to Gieboldenhausen where we were going to the MRT rally, but we spent most of the day getting there by going up and down the Hartz region on the curvy narrow mountain roads.

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MRT  2

MRT  24

Arriving at the MRT rally late in the afternoon there were already several hundred bikes there. Our friend Torsten, who we met on the Dempster Highway and again in Valdez in 2012, had invited us here.

MRT  8

MRT  4

The man who inspired so many of us with his Jupiter’s Travels Ted Simon was here

MRT  9

This was a travelers meeting and most of the 400 people here have been to as many places or more than we have. The talks were in German, but the pictures and videos were still great.

MRT  26

MRT  27

he venue had tons of camping spots and all the facilities.

MRT  7

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MRT  12

MRT  13

MRT  15

MRT  17

MRT  19

MRT  21



MRT  22

The Saturday night there were 2 great bands.

MRT  31

MRT  32

Leaving on Sunday morning we had drizzle on and off on our way towards Belgium. We tried to stick to the “small yellow roads on the map with the green shadow” since they are the most scenic. You pass thru dozens of towns that look like they are out of a Fairy tale story. We have encountered quite a few of the secondary roads here in Germany that are closed off and this was not much of a problem until today when we had to do a 20 km back track to get where we were going.

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We switched to the highway for the last 200 km since it had really started to pour. We actually ended up by accident in the Netherlands since there is a little tongue of this country that slips between Germany and Belgium. Dan got a great deal on staying in a castle!

MRT  37

MRT  36

Getting up the next day we still had rain, but it did abate for a few hours and we could stay on the small roads until near Brussels where the density of traffic lights made our progress very slow. From here we hoped onto the highway for the last 180 km to Bruges.

luxemburgh 26

We checked into a B&B just outside of town.

bruges 70

bruges 72

We had last been here almost 20 years ago, but thanks to UNESCO not much has changed. This is a lovely town where you can hear Flemish spoken and can appreciate the Flemish architecture. You can also enjoy some amazing Frits and Mayonnaise. We got a bus pass for the city so we could come and go to town without worrying about parking. The first afternoon we did a bit of walking around the city center, ate some Belgian chocolate, and drank some Belgian beer. Life is good.

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bruges 9


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On the second day we were ambitious and did all 3 of the guidebooks walking tours for about 9 km in total.

bruges 18

bruges 19

bruges 20

bruges 21

bruges 23

bruges 24


bruges 25


bruges 26

bruges 30

bruges 31

bruges 32

bruges 35

bruges 84

bruges 67

bruges 102

bruges 99

bruges 100

We also snuck in a canal boat tour, which is a must here.

bruges 82

bruges 83

bruges 90

bruges 37

bruges 38

bruges 42

bruges 43

bruges 46

bruges 48

bruges 50

bruges 51

bruges 52

bruges 53

bruges 55

bruges 57

bruges 58

bruges 59

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  1. Janet says:

    Hi Sara,
    All good here!
    Dr B is retiring next April.
    Had my first Fritz and Mayo in Brussels, we used to go there for shopping when I lived in Utrecht. Yum!
    Take care and thanks for the great pics, j

    • Daniel says:

      Great to hear you are well. I really hope we can meet while i am home this year. End of Oct until April 7. Wow Dr. B. I bet he will still be running the OB show still. We are thinking of 2 weeks in Southern Africa in April if friends have an extra bike on their tour??? cheers Sara

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