Faroe Islands

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We were told to get to the ferry dock 3 hours before the 1030 sailing. We showed up at the dock on time and found Marcos from Germany ahead of us. About 25 other bikes shortly followed us.

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We had met this very nice Danish man on the way over on the ferry. He is an avid birder and he pointed out for us a pair of harlequin ducks, which are only found here in Iceland and are apparently a rare sight as well!! We also teamed up with our friend Dieter again.

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Loading was more civilized this time and they only did half of the bikes at a time.

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The boat left on time and the crossing was fairly calm for our farewell to Iceland. Now for a little duty free shopping!

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The biggest issue for us was that you needed to get out of your cabin at 1 am for the 3 am arrival to the Faroe Islands.

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Getting off the boat in the capital of Torshavn it was actually about 230 am. We were joined by Dieter and headed to the north of the island of Eysturoy. The sunrise was incredible.

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Arriving in Gjogv we made a cup of coffee on the side of the road.


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We then rode across the top of the Fjord to see the sea stacks just before Eidi.

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From here we did an in and back side trip to Saksun on one of the “Buttercup routes”. These islands are so lush. The sod-covered houses are everywhere.

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Before we headed to the campsite in Torshavn at 730 am for a well-deserved nap we did another side trip to the village of Vestmanna.

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It was nice camping here as most of the other riders were here too and so we got to spend some time together.

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Skansin is a historic fortress in Torshavn and it is located on a hill beside the port. It was built in 1580 to protect against pirate raids. During the Second World War it served as a British military base.

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A man mowing the roof is not something you see every day.

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This seaside town itself is every colorful.

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We woke to very foggy weather, but checking the airport there was great visibility there so we drove over to Vagar Island and to the Leitisvatn Lake. Here there is an about a 90 min walk to the end of the lake where it falls into the sea. Again we were shocked at the money spent on a tunnel that has 5 houses on the other side!

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For our last day we did some more touring around the northern islands of Vidoy, Kunoy, and Kalsoy. We have now covered almost all the roads. On the way to Vidareidi there are a number of very narrow and very dark 1-way tunnels that are a bit of a challenge especially when you don’t have the right of way.

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We drove thru the tunnel on the only road on the island of Kalsoy to find a tiny village here also.

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Of course Joe we had to stop for you know what!!!

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We had some time to kill before the ferry left so we had a picnic near the port in Torshavn. After this we rode south to “ the most historic town in the Faroes” at Kirkjubour. Here there are the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral from around 1300, the St Olav’s Church from the 12 th century, and the old Kirjuboargarour farm house from the 11 th century. In 1832 a ruin stone was found here dating from the Viking Ages. The ride in here was very very foggy!

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SPOT summary for the Faroes

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