El Tunco & Finca Lecha


Hearing that there were some German riders in El Tunco we all went out to meet Katja and Jens.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 10.49.56 AM

It was great to hear some of their stories from the last 2 years. We enjoyed a few beers and some oysters at sunset.







When we got “home” Fernanda had made us New York Cheesecake. We had a nightcap too of course.



We went up to San Salvador volcano again to visit the Lecha coffee finca near the crater and then around the volcano to visit the one on the other side. At the second finca we hiked up to see the two craters on the property that we had seen on the map at the park earlier in the week. One is huge and filled with trees. The smaller one is collapsing on itself. On the way down we stopped for a view of the lava flows from the 1917 eruption.

finca Lecha 11

finca Lecha 20

finca Lecha 4

finca Lecha 3

finca Lecha 8

finca Lecha 18

finca Lecha 12

finca Lecha 17

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