Diamentina, Morada Nova da Minas, & Boa Espernača

Diamentina 24

We left Ouro Preto and again went north on the curvy mountain roads to the city of Diamentina, which in the 17 th century was part of the gold and diamond rush. It is also UNESCO site.

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Diamentina 4

Diamentina 6

On route you pass a lot of open mines.

Diamentina 5

Here again there are very steep cobbled streets and when driving on them in traffic it can be a bit hairy.

Diamentina 9

Diamentina 13

Diamentina 17

It is like the others a walking city.

Diamentina 21

Diamentina 22

Diamentina 25

Diamentina 28

Diamentina 29

Diamentina 30

Diamentina 31

Diamentina 33

Diamentina 34

Diamentina 35

Diamentina 36

Diamentina 46

Diamentina 48

There is a large main square, which is decorated for the holidays, but the action was on the smaller square by the Cathedral, which was packed with people and restaurants. This is a great place to enjoy a few beers and a big plate of frites.

Diamentina 26

Diamentina 24

Diamentina 39

Diamentina 43

There was a free symphonic Christmas performance inside the Cathedral. The music was very good. And for the small Christmas pageant they had really fantastic costumes.

Diamentina 23

Diamentina 44

Getting out of the city like all of these places is a bit stressful on the cobbles, especially in traffic, since they are much more challenging at slow speed and on steep hills. We were headed across to Morada Nova de Minas, but it was not very nice and it was raining so we pressed on at 5 pm to Paineiras.

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Once out of the center the roads are paved and we backtracked 20 km and then headed west.

Painiera 3

Painiera 5

To get to the ferry you go off road, but the road has been moved. The GPS takes you to the old road, which is now a sand road, but luckily we turned back since who wants to drive 30 km of sand only to have to turn back and do it again. The new road is just about 3 km back and is a good dirt road. The dirt is an incredible red orange colour.

Painiera 7

Painiera 8

Painiera 9

Painiera 11

Painiera 13

Painiera 16

Painiera 15

Painiera 19

Painiera 20

Today the weather is looking better and we continued to try to get south and east towards Sao Paulo.

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We did have two bits of excitement today. The first was Dan was driving along admiring these 2 huge stork like birds in the ditch on our left, when one suddenly took off and flew right at him. The bird exploded like a bomb of feathers on impact and pushed back the metal bracket on the right auxiliary light all the way back and onto to the faring and at the same time cracking the faring.


boa esperança 5

boa esperança 3

The second issue was just more of a delay and a 50 km back track. We drove up to the construction site where they are building a new bridge and took the detour to the left, but surprise! The old bridge had fallen down just before we arrived.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 9.44.06 PM

boa esperança 6

boa esperança 7

boa esperança 8

We ended up by chance in the nice lakeside (reservoir side) town of Boa Esperanca. For a Sunday night there was quite a party atmosphere.

boa esperança 10

boa esperança 12

boa esperança 14

boa esperança 15

boa esperança 19

boa esperança 20

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  1. Roy Whitworth says:

    Fantastic photo’s of the churches look forward to your next report. Ride safe.


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