Cumbuco Kite surfing Mecca

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Thanks again to Erick who dropped us off at the airport for our flight to Fortaleza. We were sitting on the fully loaded plane ready for take off when they announced we all had to get off as the air con was not working. Surprisingly like they said another plane was found and an hour later we were loading again. Driving thru the not so nice side of Fortaleza away from the airport we were again glad we flew instead of drove the 10 days to get here. The north is not like the south of Brazil. Here it is less sophisticated, much poorer, and there is garbage and rubble all over.

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The tiny town of Cumbuco is 45 minutes from the capital and is visited almost for the sole purpose of kite surfing. The town itself is not nice and is covered with stray animals and there piles of garbage and rubble everywhere. The wind however is strong and steady.


We had booked to stay at the 0031 Boutique Hotel. This is an awesome oasis in this grubby town. The gardens and pool are 5 star. We had a view of the sea and the dunes and were only a short walk from the beach.

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The weekends are very busy here with tourists. The have all these Donkeys to ride that are decorated with henna.

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We hiked out on the dunes for the sunset. The local kids are good sand boarders.

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The 0031 also had a great restaurant with incredible seafood.



Daniel was able to rent gear from Kiteline on the beach. He did not ship his own kite gear here due to the 60% duty charge to “import it”. Then he could spend the next 10 days riding the wind.

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Luckily he only needed a friend to launch and catch his kite!

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During the week the beach was deserted.

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It was a lot more crowded on the weekends, But Dan got a brand new 2015 kite and harness to use right out of the box.

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One of the local attractions is a buggy tour of the dunes. We did this with our Slovenian friend’s Šanin and Goran. If you want a good ride ask for one with EMOTION.

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On our last day we headed to the lagoon for the day. “The Slovenians” were taking lessons with kite pro Dave from Kitebud. He is an awesome guy. He may charge more than the others, but he will have you riding in half the time.

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We loved our time with good friends from all over the world at the 0031 hotel.

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8 Responses to Cumbuco Kite surfing Mecca

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Nice to see the video again, way to much fun!! LOL

  2. Rod says:

    Bravo..Bravo..fantastic photos of a wonderful trip. I particularly liked the earlier ones showing the bed/lou nge beside the pool…looks like the real paradise! Best Wishes, Rod. Katoomba Australia.

  3. Dan Marshall says:

    Wow! I had not realized that Daniel is a kite surfer too. Has Sara tried it too?

    • Daniel says:

      Yes Dan first learned in Costa Rica and is now addicted. He and his brother kite a lot in BC. No Sara is a chicken. She is better at photography.

  4. Don & Brigitte says:

    Wow! Nice pics as always! Natal was one of our favorite
    places, we stayed at Pointa Negra for two weeks and met
    some great folks there too! Travel Safe!
    Cheers, Don & Brigitte

    • Daniel says:

      Natal is supposed to be stunning, but we went to Cumbuco for the kite surfing. The town is not nice at all. The hotel was really nice. Cheers.

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