Christmas in Praia Grande

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Today the weather is starting to look like rain again and we decided to just book it back to the main highway and head back to the beach at Praia Grande a day early. Then we braved the mall in the pouring rain to pick up some gift for Christmas for our hosts.

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Christmas my job was to cook the Turkey, which turned out pretty well. We made it Brazilian style wrapped in plastic and so it was very juicy. We also had a choose your own pasta buffet.

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For Desert we had Dan’s favorite Flan! Then some Christmas souvenirs.

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On Christmas day we all headed to the beach and got a visit from some of Santa’s helpers.

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For any shopping the guys take VISA!

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Today we did a short ride up the coast and then for lunch at Periube.

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For our last day with our PG friends we were back at the beach.

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