The rain over night was very heavy, but by about 10 was a drizzle. We stopped by R2R moto to drop off a sticker and have a photo op. Unfortunately this was a statutory holiday and they were closed.

Chinchina 3

The day was spent in and over the mountains, and it was mostly raining, which sucked.


We stopped for a drink at a small restaurant and this Daniel stopped to talk to us and he was so excited about our trip!

Chinchina 13

There was a truck that drove off the road and blocked the highway in both directions. When we came upon it there was a line of cars several km long.


We of course drove to the front like the other almost 100 bikes. We had perfect timing! 5 minutes after we arrived the police opened the road to let oncoming traffic go for 5 min and then let us get thru.


Chinchina 7

On the other side of the accident the cars were lined up on the 3 spur roads, and they stretched for several km on the road were on.

Chinchina 8

Chinchina 9

Chinchina 10

Chinchina 11

Letting about 100 bikes thru at once was a bit chaotic, but this meant that other than bikes there was no cars or trucks to pass for almost 80 km.

Chinchina 12

We arrived in the town of Chinchina (Chin-Chi-Na) on the advice of Claudia and Ingo and stayed at a nice family owned Hacienda Guayabal. The service here is 5 star. The setting is stunning.



Chinchina 17











Jorge advised us on a route thru the area for the day and for getting to Cali and avoiding Pereira the back way. He also suggested the Hot springs at Santa Clara. We set out under cloudy skies for the back roads thru the coffee region.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 7.41.47 PM

Stopping for gas we checked out the local fashion for riding boots.This is my view as a pillion!

Chinchina 19

Chinchina 18

The road thru Marsella was paved at one time and it is still in patches and it twists and turns thru the stunning scenery.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 7.42.05 PM

Chinchina 27

Chinchina 33

Chinchina 37

Chinchina 24

Chinchina 25

This is really a picture post card town. These old gents agreed to a picture.

Chinchina 32

Chinchina 28

We then headed to the hot springs at Santa Clara.The road half way from the town is paved and it has white arrows painted on it that say terminales this way.

Chinchina 35

Chinchina 38

Chinchina 48

The waterfall here is so perfect it looks man made.

Chinchina 41

Chinchina 44

You can cool off in the falls and then soak in the hot pools.

Chinchina 58

Chinchina 61

Chinchina 62

Chinchina 64

Chinchina 65

Back at the ranch we were welcomed home like old friends.

Chinchina 80


That evening three British girls Fiona, Helen, and Lucy who were an absolute riot joined us.

Chinchina 74

Chinchina 76

Chinchina 75

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