Next was Cartagena (car-teh-hay-nah), one of the exotic places we have always wanted to visit. To get there you drive along a narrow isthmus.

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cartegena 2

There are poorer villages out along here, and they were slash burning which is a challenge to see how long you can hold your breath for while driving.

cartegena 5

cartegena 6

Its not too often you see an anteater crossing sign.

cartegena 8

cartegena 7

Coming into the city you get a glimpse of the ancient walls of the old city.

cartegena 9

Then you need to navigate the narrow crowded streets.

cartegena 10

This place is very picturesque, from the clock tower to the statues, to the beautiful facades of the buildings.

cartegena 63

cartegena 12

cartegena 15

cartegena 17

cartegena 16

cartegena 14

cartegena 19

The Plaza de Bolivar is a popular meeting place and there is also a small free gold museum (air con!)

cartegena 57

cartegena 58

cartegena 35

We walked some of the old city and of course stopped for Palettes.

cartegena 31

cartegena 65

cartegena 36

cartegena 37

Walking on the old walls you get a good view to the see the fort and the city.

cartegena 55

cartegena 48

cartegena 46

cartegena 28

cartegena 26

cartegena 29

cartegena 45

cartegena 54

The night views are also cool.

cartegena 43

cartegena 40

We did visit the Castillo de san Felipe to see the panoramic view of the city, explore the fort and all the tunnels.

cartegena 66

cartegena 72

cartegena 73

cartegena 82

cartegena 77

cartegena 75

We were lucky driving here and while we stayed, because it was partly cloudy which helped with the heat and humidity that can be horrible here.

cartegena 71

cartegena 70

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  1. Janet says:

    hi there, sorry I did not get to see you during the summer.
    Super busy, planned our 30th anni, a garden party, 3 lots of house guests, met the future in-laws???( if all goes well, we like her a lot), and unfortunately, STILL had to work…
    I like the new version of the blog, and still enjoy travelling in strange places vicariously through you!
    Just did a trip up the mississippi by boat, travelled thru Route 66, and then home from Minneapolis to vancouver by train, fun!
    Take care and have fun, j

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