Calvacantes & Chapada dos Veadeiros

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Today was just about making miles and we booked it 470 km west on the BA 242 to Berreiras. We found a decent hotel and hid from the heat.

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Today we planned another 425 km west and then south to Calvacantes near the National Park Chapada dos Veadeiros. After getting to Luis Eduardo Magalhaes we looked at the map again and decided the 62 km direct off road route would cut off about a 100 km from the paved loop, which is the one the GPS liked. This would not be faster by a long shot, but was an adventure.

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The fist 1 km is paved and then the “road” becomes dirt and then mostly sand for the rest of the 60 km to near to Taguatinga. I must say we were pretty happy to see the pavement since driving 60 km in sand at 34 degrees is HOT.


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Well it finally happened our journey has rolled over into six-digit territory on our way to Calvacantes Brazil. What a grand adventure it has been so far. So many great memories and still so so much left in the world to see. 200,000 kms we are coming for you.

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Day 1

100k kms

Doodle Map

It is so cool to see the rain pouring on one side of the road, while you are in sunshine.

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We arrived after an 8 -hour day to a very cozy B&B run by the lovely Martha in tiny Calvacantes. She gave us a run down at breakfast about where we should go in the National Park.

The first stop was the Kalunga village of Engenho. This is one of the settlements where African slaves escaped to and their descendants now live. They were almost totally isolated until about 50 years ago.

calvacantes 24

This is 25 km up a good dirt road to the checkpoint where you must pay the park entry and hire a local guide.

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On the way up the road at the Mirante or lookout we met Humberto a Brazilian riding from the south of the state. He fractured his leg two months ago so is riding is a walking cast “ for protection”! It was great to spend the day with him especially as he spoke perfect English.

calvacantes 34

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calvacantes 39

We all drove the 5 km up the dirt track to the trailhead.

2015-01-18 11.34.24

calvacantes 101

calvacantes 40

calvacantes 41

calvacantes 42

From here it is a 1.7 km walk to the Falls of Santa Barbara.

calvacantes 43

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calvacantes 46

The first small pool we visited just for photos and then hikes further on to the large falls to swim. The water is crystal clear and really that color.

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Driving back to just past the village is another dirt track to the Capivara falls. This is a bit more of a hike down to the falls, but well worth the effort.

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  1. Den says:

    Congrat’s on the 6 digits, good on y’all eh!
    Been following for a while and THANKS!

    Den, N/W Lake Ontario CDA

  2. Roy Whitworth says:

    Congratulations on 100 000 km’s , and that’s only 2 continents ! Luckily enough you are still young.

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