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We were very happy to receive an invitation from Erick and Danielle in Brasilia and so we made our way there today a short 311 km to the Capital.

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Danielle and Erick are supper hosts. They fed and housed the bikes and us. One of the best things was the amazing job their washing machine did on our very dirty suits.


This is a very unique city as it was totally planned and then was built in 5 years. The Capital was moved here from Rio in 1960. The design planning was as the result of a contest and the layout of the city is an airplane shape. The city itself has sectors so that like business are together.

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There is an industrial sector, hotel sector, and residential sector. A huge man made lake surrounds the tail area of the plane. This is the sector with all the hotels

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We dropped the bikes off at BMW Motorad Munique, which is the new dealership in the city. They have a detail service and our bikes need it badly. We were even happier when they did the amazing cleaning job “as a gift to us”! They are really trying to build a great relationship with the riders here in the city.

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Erick took us on a tour including taking in the view from the famous TV tower. From here you have an overview of the city structure, parks, and architecture. You can see the multibillion-dollar soccer stadium that was built for the world cup and will now just sit empty.

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We also checked out a number of the Oscar Niemeyer buildings here including the Cathedral and the iconic National Congress building.

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The president lives less than 2 km from the congress on a road that only accesses her house. Despite that she takes a 12 man helicopter to work.

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We also had a culinary tour of the city and tried all kinds of great new things. I lilke the Caiprioskas here just a bit of crushed fruit at the bottom for your vodka.

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Brazil would be our perfect riding country if it were not so hot, but we started the day today with a double rainbow and so that’s pretty close to awesome anyway

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4 Responses to Brasilia

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Wow, that all I continue to say, you are both living the dream

  2. Dan Marshall says:

    Thanks for the info about Brasilia. I had not known that they put similar businesses together. I wonder how that effects their productivity and creativity.

    I loved the photos of the bridge and the building with huge waterfalls coming out of its side.

    Do you know why the city is shaped like an airplane? That seems like the worst possible shape for traffic flow and overall infrastructure efficiency.

    • Daniel says:

      It was the idea that won the contest. It is only the city core now. It is terrible because it is a UNESCO site and NO changes can be made, but no one thought about the fact of public transit and metros. There is Museums with no parking etc. But the grand vias are beautiful. I think its weird that all the hotels are in 1 zone, but i think that all the manufacturing in 1 spot is good. Sara

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