Bogota part 6

bogota walk 14

The boys headed out for a day on the bikes and the girls spent the day walking and working. On Sundays several main arteries of the city are shut to cars for walking, biking, and rollerblading on the ciclovia. It is packed with people and vendors.

bogota walk 3

bogota walk 11

The full house church service was just letting out when we arrived.

bogota walk 2

bogota walk 4

We were able to see inside the recently closed bull-fighting ring. There is a big controversy here in the city regarding the banning of bull fighting.

bogota walk 5

bogota walk 6

bogota walk 8

bogota walk 10

bogota walk 14

bogota walk 15

bogota walk 18

The guys all met at one of their weekend houses and then headed off road. They stopped for lunch for Pollo asado.





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