Bogota part 5


There was some serious excitement on the way to the airport, but some stress also since we stupidly in the 40 plus heat last may 2 nd we had forgotten to disconnect the battery leads on the bikes before they went into storage for 5 month. We had just put in Deka batteries, which claim to hold a charge for a year, but we had the clocks drawing power.


We were so lucky to have Salvador to deal with the Girag bureaucracy for us. We arrived at 5 as were advised, but were told that there was now way we could get the bikes today and that we should come back on Monday. Salvador would not stand for that, since the boss had assured us earlier on the phone that we would get them today. Now the guy says that they can’t do it because the customs is closed, so we should come back Monday. We told him they are open until 10, then he says actually they are open 24 hours OMG! We then called the boss lady whom assured us she would sort this out in 5 minutes.


Fast forward 6 pm we are in the office and the guy wants us to go and get photocopies of our passports, when he has a copier 3 feet from him. We had spare copies as we always do. Finally he gives us the waybills so we can head across the compound to the DIAN office for the bike importation. This was a breeze and took about 15 minutes.


Now back at Girag they say OK come back in 30 minutes. Fast-forward 7 pm and we return to find the Import guys had gone for coffee. Luckily the Girag staff called them back before Dan and Salvy had a fit. Next the official wants you guessed it photocopies of our passports, which we had already given them. “That was for the guy upstairs” he says, so we hand over another copy, his next excuse is he wants a copy of his own Girag waybill, that we have in triplicate. He finally agrees to make a photocopy himself; we are not sure why he did not just take one of the triplicates.


Next we need to wait until the entire shipment is unloaded before they will release the bikes. Finally they allow Daniel to get the bikes!




Now the moment of truth will they start!!??

Heading out from Girag at almost 8 pm, glad we shipped our bikes by plane for sure, but glad never to see them at Girag again!



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