Bogota part 3

Night out 12

Bogota is a very cosmopolitan and lively city. Our hosts Salvador and Paola took us out on the town to a 6- story bar/ restaurant. This place was packed on all levels and decorated in a very kitsch style. They give you VIP crowns and welcome to Colombia sashes. Even the beers come with decorations. When you leave they give you a grab bag full of different sweets. We had some great traditional Columbian food and Paola introduced us to a new cocktail made from rum, fresh lime juice, and Canada Dry ginger ale….YUM! The men stuck to Scotch.

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The following day was Friday when we were supposed to pick up the bikes shipped the day before. We had half expected the news when we phoned Girag and were told that the bikes were not shipped as promised. Luckily for us Salvador was even more distressed than we were, because he immediately launched a campaign of phone calls all day until he was assured they would be sent on the next Girag flight on Saturday.

Without the trip to the airport today we decided to walk north in the city to the National Museum. On the way we found several delicious snacks.

Museum Walk 2

Museum Walk 3

Museum Walk 16

At the museum there was a special temporary exhibit of ancient Greek pottery, as well as the museum’s collection of Colombian artifacts and works of art.

Museum Walk 4

Museum Walk 5

Museum Walk 6

Museum Walk 1

Museum Walk 11

Museum Walk 13

Museum Walk 17

Museum Walk 18

Museum Walk 20

We were invited by the TMK for Ellen’s famous sushi for dinner.




We then had the “official sticker and card exchange” for TMK and WWR. Paola then got out her favorite t-shirt.




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