Bogota Colombia- arrival in South America!

bogota 5

At last the long awaited trip across the Darien Gap to South America. We landed here after a pleasant though slightly turbulent 1hour 30-minute flight and breezed thru Immigration and Customs.

After an Indy style cab ride we arrived at our hotel in the old city or Candaleria district of Bogota. The hotel Ambar we had booked into had just updated their computer system and had mistakenly double booked the entire hotel. No worries we easily moved for 1 night to a close by hotel and settled in.

bogota 1

After the heat and humidity of Panama the 20 degrees at the altitude of 2625 m was a refreshing change, though walking up hill was a bit more strenuous than usual.

bogota 2

bogota 3

bogota 5

bogota 6

Exploring the area we headed up the Eje Ambital towards the east and the mountains to take the Funicular up the steep mountainside to the Cerro de Monserrate at 3127 meters. The train goes up the hill passing the other coming down at about the half way mark and then goes thru a tunnel.

bogota 7

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The view from the top is panoramic of the entire city. There is of course a church at the top as well.They have on display the old trains that look a bit sketchy.

bogota 22

bogota 28

bogota 38

bogota 37

bogota 43

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5 Responses to Bogota Colombia- arrival in South America!

  1. Julie & Tony says:

    Hi Sara & Dan-
    So, we see you two are back on your trip! The summer went so fast. We’re sorry we missed getting together with you when we heard from Michael that you were back in town for a while. In any event, we look forward to following you’re next chapter. Love the photos here.

    All is good in our lives at the present. Mom is doing amazingly well.

    Love Julie & Tony

    • Sara says:

      Tony and Julie

      We were so crazy busy with work we hardly saw anyone! Im so glad you are well and that your mom is prospering at your place! Keep in touch. We do miss being your neighbour! Sara


      Hey thanks dude. You are so amazing for fixing the dolly the chart move would have been a nightmare otherwise. cheers sp

  2. Dominique says:

    Dear Sara and Daniel
    Happy to receive new message from you
    Let’s continue to follow your trip

  3. james davies says:

    Wow the pics are great, that train looks awsome.

  4. Norbert Tietze says:

    Nice to see you back on the road ,I will be on my way middle of November and see you guys somwhere in South America. This summer was very stressful and lots of ends to ty up before we leave on the trip again,
    This time in a van with my wife so we will be going the same route you already hafe done. By December hope to be crossing te dearin gap into Columbia ,
    Wish you guys a really good trip and mabey you will join up with the kiwis.
    Safe trip.
    Will have the beer in South America.

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