All roads lead to?… Ulanbaatar!


Today we finally will make it to the Capital Ulaanbatar. We went about 70 km before we had to get the rain suits on and it continued to pour for the next 4 hours. I was still suffering a bit from the food poisoning (had to stop to vomit several times) and so this was a pretty dreadful day all round. We did run into the second woman we have seen on a bike and they just finished the same route as us. You have to give her credit as she left Swiss with no off road experience until she hit the Pamir! The reported horrendous UB traffic was not so bad probably as it was pouring and Saturday afternoon. The roads were flooded in the city.




We arrived to the Oasis Guesthouse, which is the hub for over landers of all types. We had booked a ger and stripped off the wet gear and settled in. They have real food here that tastes like home and so the guys are very happy.





The first bike we say had BC plates!!! Dominck is also from Vancouver and is setting out in the next few days east on our route and so we could fill him in. We loaded him up with our PDF map of Mongolia with the most current road conditions, the app and info on hotel and such.



There is a lot of activity here with broken bikes of all kinds 3 Wilber’s shocks including Wolfgang’s, broken frames, and various broken off bits. They have a huge covered work area that is filled with bikes and a mechanic next door.

There are some German people stating out here on tours and they suited up in their brand new off road gear and motocross boots right out of the boxes never used! One young guy had purchased a Teneree from another rider and unfortunately did not have the experience to know this bike it too tall for him and he has already fallen over trying to leave the parking lot. He was supposed to set off today across the country, but unless he can make some serious modifications he is in real trouble.

There is a young couple here from New Zealand who bought 2 Chinese 250’s and plan the same route as us, but maybe “farther off the main route”. He is wearing a climbing helmet and has two huge back packs strapped to the side of the bike and a large bag on the seat. None of these is waterproof. She has less gear, but admits she has only ridden a motorcycle 8-9 times before. She stalled the bike 10 times trying to get out of the gravel parking area. She is wearing gum boots on her feet. I fear for their safety with this sort of set up and experience.

The next day Sara was quite a bit better and enjoyed her coffee in bed in the ger. It is still raining and we stoked the wood stove in the ger to get the damp out of everything.


The sun did peak out a few times in the afternoon between the showers are Dan and I walked 51/2 km into the city centre to the main square to see the Ghengis monuments. There was a battle of the brides for space on the stairs before they lost the few rays of sunlight.

















We took a cab back inner Prius among all the Prius!!!


Wolfgang decided he must ride the 50 km to the “huge” Genghis statue south of the city even in the rain since he will not be back like us. He also ran into Dominick who decided to set out west today also. When we asked so you are leaving this late in the day his parting words were yes, but you never know I might be back. Well 2315 he was!

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  1. Danielle says:

    Hi Guys,
    I am so glad you are better Sara and you look great in the pics. I enjoyed all the locals in your pictures. Keep on riding!!

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